The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


9. Ashley's POV

 Walking home from school I noticed a guy wearing a purple jacket with their hood up, which I thought was weird because it was almost 90 degrees out. I continued walking and as I got closer I realized it was Niall

    "Niall" I called out but he didn't answer me maybe he had headphones in. He was walking pretty fast like he was in a rush to get somewhere,but where could he be going? "Hey,Niall,do you need a ride? my mum can take you home" I told him, he just shook his head and brushed passed me. "Are you sure? It's too hot to be walking" I yelled.

   "I'm fine, Ashley look I have to go okay! I can't talk right now" he said in a angry tone. I was confused why was he in such a rush? I started to walk down the street to my flat I heard someone on the phone in the alley it sounded a bit like Niall but I wasn't sure.  I looked to see who it was and I was right, it was Niall.

    "I know, I know, but he won't let me come back!" he whispered on the phone, "I miss you guy too but he doesn't believe me and if I go back that will just piss him off even more", he continued. I tried to walk closer so I can listen better but of course clumsy me I accidentally kicked a empty beer can, and it made enough noise for Niall to notice. He looked my direction but I hurried up and jumped back before he saw me. "Hey Lou I have to go, I will talk to you soon lad" he said ending the phone call. I ran so if he decided to come my way he wouldn't see me. I made it across the street and into a coffee shop to get my special, when I got my drink I sat down at the table scrolling threw my timeline on Twitter, wondering who could Niall be talking to. As I am on twitter I decided to check out what was trending, and I noticed the top trending topic: #WhereisNiall. I was confused could they be talking about Niall the new kid or someone else? So I click on the trend and I seen millions of people tweeting, "Come back Niall we love you #WhereisNiall" or "Niall is gone! #WhereisNiall" etc.  But one person tweeted someone named @NiallOffical telling them to come back to One Direction, I went to his profile and I couldn't see his face on his icon I did see that the the last thing he tweeted was "Good Bye, I will always love you". Please don't tell me that the new kid is/was a member of that annoying boy band One Direction! No, no no, it can't be him why would he want to come here of all places? When I went through his pictures I didn't come across any pictures of the guy yet, so I kept scrolling some more. Then there it was Niall or at least it looked like Niall. Oh, who am I kidding!? that is NIALL ! how didn't I know how didn't anyone know? Oh my, I can't believe it Niall Horan is a famous? I just don't get why he didn't tell me this, was he afraid?

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