The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


15. Ashley's POV *Getting Ready*

 I got home from school and I was exhausted so I washed my face and went straight to bed, I wanted to be well rest-ed for tomorrow.

  (Next Day)

I got up this morning and checked my phone and saw I had a text from Niall.

      *Good Morning princess, I can't wait until our date* After I brushed my teeth and took a hot shower I texted him back.

                 *Good morning to you too Hun, and yes I am just as excited as you are* then I went down stairs and fixed me a bagel and orange juice, I heard a knock at the door and I was wondering why my mum didn't answer it? So I got the door and it was my best friend Dani who came looking stunning as always. I swear that girl has to look good where ever she goes, because she says "You'll never know when a cute boy is going to appear". Dani didn't have to do much to look good anyways, she was so pretty she is short and petite, had beautiful brown wavy hair. I am a little jealous of her because everyone loves her and all the boys want her.

  "Heeeey girrrrl, how are ya?" she screamed as if she didn't see me last week, but that's what I loved about her, she always had that bubbly attitude.

 "I'm great, you can come in" I replied, she walked in and was looking around like she never been here before.

 "Woooah, did mum get knew drapes or something?" she asked, in a fascinated voice. I couldn't help but laugh because this chick is a joy. 

 "No Dan, they have been the same drapes as always" I told her, she then sat on the couch and started texting.

  "Sooooooo, I heard you have a boyfriend?" she said without looking away from her phone, I started to blush even though I knew she was going to bring it up.

  "His name is Niall" I said quietly, "and please don't give me a million questions, I don't feel like explaining" I finished, she then put her phone down at turn my direction.

  Oh my god, you know the rule Ash, whenever one of us starts dating we have to tell each other the details of how it started!" she whined "Just tell me is he cute?" she asked while giving me a creepy look.

  "Yes, he is gorgeous but that's not why I am dating him"

  "Well duh, so what made you say yes?"

  " Whaa, how did you he asked me out?"

  " I didn't" she gave me a cute wink, she always does that to me she's too good, but I love her for that.

  "He has the kindest heart, and he is so sweet and respectful, how could I say no?" I said, but before she got to answer me her phone rang. I have a feeling it was her boss because she rushed off the phone when saying she can come in today.

  "Awwww, sounds cute, I have to go but we will have this talk later Sanders wants me to work a shift" she said as she was hugging me bye.

I walked Dani out to her car and when I got back inside I checked the time and it was 3:45, ah Niall will be here at four and I am still not ready. So I hopped in the shower and then put on some cute black shorts and a neon green tank top I straightened my hair and feathered it out. My phone began to vibrate, it was Niall:

N: *I am on my way babe*

 A: *Okay, Hun I'm all ready to go, even though I look like crap*

 N:  *That's impossible*

A:  *Awww*

N: *Yeah, see you soon love*

Niall made it to my flat and when I got to the door he greeted me with a kiss with one hand behind his back.  I grabbed my purse and we headed to his car but first he handed me a bouquet of lilies, they were beautiful and I loved them. He held the door open as I got into the car, I watched him jog to the other side so he can get in. I noticed he doesn't put on his seat belt he just got in the car and pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road. He seemed a little dis focused because he kept scratching his leg and clearing his throat, and looking all over the place.  " Do you like the flowers?" He said breaking the silence, I think he saw me smelling them over and over because I couldn't get a good smell of it. 

 "Yes" I replied, he just let out a little cough and continued to drive after the stop light turned green. I looked out of the window and I didn't recognize the location I wonder where we are going and how far it is. It doesn't matter where I was going because I was with him, and I will go anywhere with him because I know he wouldn't take me somewhere unsafe. I am too busy daydreaming that when Niall started talking again I didn't hear anything he said except him saying:

"Babe, do you trust me?"



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