The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


10. Ashley's POV (continued)

   I have spent all weekend trying to figure out what happened with Niall and One Direction and why he isn't with them anymore. All I got was that he was "Home Sick" or missing his family, but I don't believe that is true one bit, I mean all celebrities feel like that and they never just up and leave.  I have to get to the bottom of this one way or another.  It’s almost three in the morning and I still haven’t found any more reasons.

                  “Ashley, you have been up all night on the computer are you looking for something, or need something?” My mom asked while peeking through my door.  It took me a while to turn around because I was in the middle of reading more info.

                “Ahhh, no mum I am just doing some research for my project that’s do I’m almost done I promise” I told, she smiled because she knew I was lying god, that women can read me like a book.

                “Mm-mm okay, I was checking in and seeing if I can help, there are fresh baked cookies down stairs if you want some” she replied, then she left without shutting my door back I hate when she does that. I kept looking for more information but I still couldn’t find any, also I was getting pretty tired and hungry. I went downstairs to fetch me a couple of cookies then went to bed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Niall and One Direction. Maybe I should ask him at school tomorrow, naah I should give him a chance to tell me because he might have a lot on his mind and I don’t want to upset him.  I am just going to get some sleep and worry about this tomorrow.


When I got to Miss Greenly’s class and I didn’t see Niall and he wasn’t in lunch either, but I checked the schools attendance sheet and it said he is here today. I went to Mr. Blakeson’s band room and there he was sitting and the chair playing that guitar again.

                “Niall, where have you been the teachers have been looking for you!” I yelled as I barged in the room. He just kept playing like he didn’t hear me “I am talking to you” I mumbled, he looked up at me in the corner of his eye.

                “I hear you, I just didn’t respond” he finally said, then kept strumming and rocking his head to the sound.

                “What is your problem? I was talking to you the other day and you just acted like you didn’t want to see me” I told him. He smiled and just kept playing “Hello?” I snapped.

                “Ash, listen we are two different people babe if you want me to talk to you, you have to stop yelling at me” He stated, I rolled my eyes because he was acting like a jerk.  “You know this is a peaceful place to think and clear your head, I like it” He continued.

I was confused, what was he talking about? The school or the band room? Because it’s pretty noisy in both in my opinion.

 “Ash, I have to tell you something” he whispered.

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