Alaina Snow: The Guardian

Alaina Snow is like Jack Frost. She can make winter appear, Snow to come, Ice Cicles to form... All of it... So can Jack Frost... Alaina isn't happy to meet Jack at first, but later on, she warms up to him alot.


2. Understanding

Its been a month of me walking, skating, sliding, running around.

Its been a month since I found out I was dead.

Its been a month since I found out I'm a ghost.

The cool thing is, I can create snow.

I spread my palms out and watched as snowflakes drifted far and away from my hands.

"Hey!" Said a voice behind me.

They're probably not calling for me, I smirked.

"Hey! Girl with white hair!" The voice said again.

I looked around, to see if there was another girl with white hair. There wasn't. Instead I saw a guy, in his mid-teens probably, pale white hair, palely white skin, walking toward me.

I closed my hand into a fist and the snow stopped from flowing.

I turned around. "Hello human," I said. "Let's get this over with, you'll think you see something, possibly a girl with white hair, you'll follow the girl, you'll walk straight through the girl feeling like a freaking ice cube, only to realize that you never really saw anything."

"What are you talking about?" The guy said.

Then it hit me. He was a ghost too! I got really excited, whereas he got really nervous.

"You can see me?" We asked in unison.

"It's about time!" I exclaimed. "Do you know how lonely it is being a ghost--"

"A ghost?" He asked. "You think your--we're ghosts?"

He started laughing, and laughing, and laughing.

I frowned and crossed my arms. "Whats so funny?"

"You-- You think we're ghosts?" He said and doubled over laughing again.

"Well, yeah, no one can see me, no one can hear me, I don't remember anything from my past life, except my little sister, so yes, I think I am a ghost. Unless you want to tell me different."

He finally stopped laughing, and straightened up. "We're not ghosts," He said smiling. "My name is Jack Frost, you and I, are gaurdians."

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