Alaina Snow: The Guardian

Alaina Snow is like Jack Frost. She can make winter appear, Snow to come, Ice Cicles to form... All of it... So can Jack Frost... Alaina isn't happy to meet Jack at first, but later on, she warms up to him alot.


11. The Frozen Easter Eggs of Death

"Jack Frost!" I screamed, as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down right now, or I WILL KILL YOU!"

"Ah, but here's the thing. I could put you down and have you punch me--surprisingly hard, given that you are quite small--or I could continue to carry you over my shoulder, and take you to where you'll be meeting one of the greatest kids I know." He argued.

"Put me down!" I screamed again. "Come on, Frosty, you know I hate meeting new people!"

"Yeah. . . But you'll love this guy, I'm sure of it."

I huffed out a breath and rolled my eyes. "I hope you know I'm planning your execution." I mumbled.

"No you're not." He smugly said.

"How would you know?" I snapped.

"Because you love me too much,"

"I think I'll ask the Colorful Kangaroo for some help. Maybe he has some ideas." I said.

"Oh, how fun: My temperamental girlfriend and the Easter Kangaroo, planning to pelt me to death with frozen Easter Eggs." He laughed.



Jack finally put me down once we reached a cozy little house in the middle of a big neighborhood.

"Okay, wait here while I go get--Ow!"

I just hit him in the shoulder.

"Well someone is in a bad mood." He grumbled.

"You threw me over your back, and wouldn't put me down for however long it took to get to this kid's house. You're lucky I didn't do more." I said ominously.

He stumbled backward, obviously afraid. "Okay, I--I'll go get him. Just--just a sec."
I laughed to myself as he jumped up to the second story window.

Not even five seconds later he jumped back down with a child on his back. The kid got off of his back as Jack stood up straight. He had tousled light brown hair, and curious light brown eyes.

"Alaina, this is the famous Jamie Bennett." Jack introduced us.

"Hey hon," I said, crouching down in front of him. "Nice to meet you." I stuck out my hand.

He grinned, with one of his front teeth just starting to fill in the gap, and shook my hand. "Hi Alaina. Nice to meet you too."

I smiled back at him. "So Jamie," I started. "Do you want to take part in my elaborate scheme, called 'The Frozen Easter Eggs of Death?' "

His eyes lit up in excitement and confusion, as I stared daggers at Jack. "Okay!" He exclaimed.

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