Alaina Snow: The Guardian

Alaina Snow is like Jack Frost. She can make winter appear, Snow to come, Ice Cicles to form... All of it... So can Jack Frost... Alaina isn't happy to meet Jack at first, but later on, she warms up to him alot.


12. Pitch's Return

I crept up behind him. Slowly, silently. I was hovering above the snow, so he would not hear my footsteps behind him--To suspect anything.

"Get him!" I yelled.

Jack Frost whirled around as the Easter Bunny yelled out a war-cry and smashed a confetti filled Easter egg on top of Jack's head.

"Now Jamie!" I yelled to him as he jumped out from behind a snowy bush and jumped on Jack's back.

They both tumbled to the ground laughing and covered in snow.

"Told 'ya I was gonna get you back, Frosty." I laughed, grabbing Jamie's hand and helping him to his feet.

He rolled his eyes, propped himself up on his elbows and shook his hair from his face. "Yeah, yeah, Snowball. Help me up, would you?"

I grabbed his outstretched hand and he pulls me down into the snow with him! "You jerk!" I exclaim.

He chuckles. "Lighten up, Alaina." He looks down at me with his sparkling blue eyes, and leans in, pressing his lips to mine.

Suddenly, I'm not annoyed anymore. All of my troubles have gone away, and it's like we're the only two people left on the Earth.

That is until Bunny clears his throat. "Get a room you two! There's a kid here," He jokes, covering Jamie's eyes with his hand(Or paw? Whatever a bunny's hand is called).

We pull away and stand up, my cheeks red.

Then everything was silent for a minute. The wind was not rustling the trees. The air was still. Jamie was not laughing--his face was contorted with fear. The Easter Bunny's ears perked up as if he's heard something.

"Pitch," Jack muttered, gripping his staff so hard his knuckles turned pale--paler than usual.

"Bunny, get Jamie out of here." I sharply said.

"C'mon kiddo," Jamie jumped onto his back and they hopped away.

Guess who! The words echoed in my head. I love the sound of frightened children! Even better--Frightened Guardians!

"Who's frightened, Pitch?" I call out to the empty forest. "Show yourself!"

As you wish. He cackled in my head.

Off in the distance I saw a dark figure. A slim man with a flat shadowy face appears, his yellow eyes glowing like a cats'.

I narrowed my eyes at him as he spread his hands out in front of him.

Two dark shadows race towards me, and one of them knocks me off my feet. The other one grabs me by the throat and lifts me up into the air.

"Alaina!" Jack exclaims, rushing towards me, but three other shadows block his path.

"Jack. . ." I manage to choke out, with my face turning blue, and my vision growing darker. "Get. . . Help. . ."

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