Alaina Snow: The Guardian

Alaina Snow is like Jack Frost. She can make winter appear, Snow to come, Ice Cicles to form... All of it... So can Jack Frost... Alaina isn't happy to meet Jack at first, but later on, she warms up to him alot.


3. Learning

"So," Jack said walking on a thin tree branch above me. "You are now under my wing."

I choked down a laugh. "Under your wing?" I scoffed. "Yeah um... no thanks."

"Oh, come on," He said jumping off of the tree branch. "It wouldn't be that bad... after all, we are the same element."

"Mm.. I have an option." I said.

"What's that?" He asked.

"How about you be under my wing." I said jumping up on to the tree branch to look down at him. "That way, I can mentor you."

"Ha-ha, no." He said.

I crossed my arms over my chest(I tend to do that alot). "Hmm.. what to do, what to do. Oh, I know, you could go back on your way to wherever you were going, and I can go back to doing my own thing." I said.

"Yeah, I don't think so." He said. "We're guardians, and you're new, so I have to mentor you."

"Says who?" I asked.

"The Moon told me." He said.

"Oh, please." I scoffed. "Yeah and the sun told me to be the Easter Bunny."

"Don't joke about that, please." He said calmly.

"Why? He's not real." I said crouching down on the branch I was standing on.

"He is real," He said, narrowing his eyes at me.

"Sure," I rolled my eyes. "I mean, come on I wasn't born yesterday."

"Why don't you believe?" Jack asked.

"I don't know!" I exclaimed and jumped off the tree branch onto the ground soundlessly. "I don't remember anything from my life before! I can't even remember what my little sister looked like! Everything is slipping away, and it's not fair!"

I felt a tear slip down my cheek.

Jack came over and put his arm around me.

"Don't!" I said backing away.

I started running and spread my palms out and made a path of ice that I could skate away on, or more likely slide away on, given I had no shoes.

"Wait!" He called. "I don't even know what your name is!"

"Alaina," I called back to him. "Alaina Snow."

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