Alaina Snow: The Guardian

Alaina Snow is like Jack Frost. She can make winter appear, Snow to come, Ice Cicles to form... All of it... So can Jack Frost... Alaina isn't happy to meet Jack at first, but later on, she warms up to him alot.


4. Agreeing

I guess I could've been a little nicer to Jack, but at the time I was beyond annoyed. I was so close to snapping that if he even said one more tiny, little word, I would start shooting ice cicles at him.

So here I am, sliding down the path of ice I made. I pass through a bunch of people where they get extremely cold, even in their fur parka.

As soon as I stop sliding, I'm standing infront of a pond staring at my reflection in the ice. I don't look how I would expect, then again, I don't even remember what I used to look like. But anyways, here I am; I have platinum white hair. I have deep blue eyes and really pale skin. I'm wearing a silver snow-flake necklace, a dark blue T- shirt, white skinny jeans, and a white wind-breaker.

The only things I kind of remember are my name, my age, and who my little sister was.

My name is Alaina Snow, I'm 16 years old, my little sister is Sabrina Snow, and she is 7 years old. I don't even remember who my parents were. Isn't that sad?


Oh jeez. Does this guy want to get smacked?

I turned around. "Yes Jack Frost? Are you my babysitter now?"

"Come on," He said. "It's not that bad, all I'm gonna do is show you how you're supposed to use your elements."

"Right," I smirked. "Because I would just love to be taught and restrained!"

"Restrained? I don't even like half of the other guardians!" He exclaimed.

"Then why are you here?!" I yelled.

"Because I know what it's like!" He yelled back at me. "I know what it's like because I have been in your shoes. That's why I want to help you."

"I don't need any help!" I said coldly. "I don't want to have to follow rules, and I don't want to be a guardian!"

"I didn't want to be a guardian either!" He exclaimed.

"Whatever, just leave me alone." I said turning around and jumping on to the pond to slide around on.

"Fine," He said, with a playful smile on his face. "Then I guess you won't get to see your memories."

I slid to a stop. "My what?"

"You know, memories of your life before, you parents, school... your sister."

I slid over to him. " How do you see your memories?"

"Now you want to know, huh?" He said.

"Tell me," I commanded. Then added 'please'.

"You've heard of the tooth fairy, yes?"

I rolled my eyes and nodded. "What about her?"

"The Tooth Fairy, she keeps memories from every childs past. All of us guardians... we watch over children, it's our job, and believe it or not, all of us has at least once, have watched over you." He said gently.

I took a step back, my mind racing. I could remember my past? I could remember what I looked like? I could remember my family? I could remember what I looked like? I could remember how I died? I could remember what I looked like? (It's been driving me mad: not knowing what I used to look like.)

"Can I meet her?" I asked my voice small.

He grinned. "Let's make a deal."

I raised my eyebrows.

"If you let me mentor you, teach you, take you under my wing, then I will take you to the Tooth Fairy to see your memories. Deal?"

I looked at him skeptically. In one hand he had this cane/staff thingy made out of a tree branch, his other hand was extended out towards me. His blue eyes sparkled.

I shook his extended his hand. "Deal."

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