My name is Erik. I am thirty. I am now, at this moment, experiencing a stroke. There is one question racing through my supposedly non-functional brain. When you die, what happens? Nothing? Or is there an afterlife? I'm about to find out in 3-2-1....


1. Character description

Erik O'Connell- Erik is 30 years old, has jet black hair, is tall, funny, strange and handsome. He has a girlfriend that is still alive. He composes music during his free time. He has a deformity in his heart which causes him to have a heart attack.

Gracie Destler- Has dirty blond hair, freckles, is medium sized, funny, and awesome. She used to have a boyfriend before she died, His name is Kip. She loves Brodway and died when she was 25 from being in a car crash involving a drunk driver.

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