My name is Erik. I am thirty. I am now, at this moment, experiencing a stroke. There is one question racing through my supposedly non-functional brain. When you die, what happens? Nothing? Or is there an afterlife? I'm about to find out in 3-2-1....


3. Ambulence

Darkness, thats all I see. I cant move my hands, feet, not even a finger. My eyes shoot open in pain as my heart throbs at an abnormal pace. Theres a blur of ambulance lights and unfamiliar faces. My body convulses on the stretcher as strangers hold me down. My body is loaded into the vehicle as I jerk forward and backward.

 "Sir! Sir! Can you say, 'The sky is blue' for me please" a young stranger asks. I give him a panicked look before my eyes roll back into my skull. The voices are replaced by the sound of my racing pulse. My body jolted forward as sick spilled down my chin. I was then turned on my side and strapped down. My body started to calm and i was able to breath again.

"Sir? What is your name?"

"E-Er-Eri-Erik..." I slurred. 

"Okay, Erik, can you move your finger for me?" I raised my index finger with extreme difficulty.

"Good! Look at me." I moved my eyes to the voices face and sat up.

"Erik, please lie back down. You aren't ready to be sitting up." I looked at the man speaking to me and bursted into laughter.

"Erik, stop laughing or you will go into another fit!"

"I- can't-stop!" I cried. My eyes began to shut and I fainted.



Eriks head was laid back onto the stretcher. His mouth began to froth with white, bubbly, foam and his back bucked off the table. His eyes rolled behind his thin eyelids rapidly. The trauma specialists rolled Erik onto his left shoulder and placed an IV into his arm. Their squabbling voices resembled those of forest animals. Eriks' eyes snapped open and shot to the nearest doctor.


"Help me..." I groaned as I seized and squirmed on the table like a spastic child. The ambulance slammed on the brakes and my body was thrown forward. As my fall was broken I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I looked down to see that my body had gained a new feature, a large medical knife. 

"A-a-I" I whimpered. A trauma specialist stared at the knife in my abdomen and looked back into my eyes. 

"I'm so sorry..." she whispered into her hand. She laid me down on the table and removed the protruding object from my body. That was all I saw before the world I knew faded to black.

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