No Ordinary Girls

Cece, Sarah, and Crystal are best friends who share all their secrets. One day, something amazing happens! They have to keep their secret or it will be even more dangerous and drama-fulled then their lives without the secret was, and their lives keeping their secret a secret. Then one day Isy comes to town. Isy has the same secret! The four must work together to keep their secret!


3. This Can't Be Happening!

The next morning the girls went to the beach. No one else was there. The girls ran into the cold, blue water. After a few seconds Sarah screamed, followed by Crystal and Cece. They had tails.

Cece's tail was aqua-blue and gold. Sarah's tail was green. Crystal's tail was purple. All of them had tops to match. They had highlights that were the same color as their tails.

"This can't be happening." Crystal said later that night. The girls were staying at Cece's for the night.

"Well it is." Cece said looking up from her laptop.

"Maybe it's just a dream." Sarah replied.

"I don't think we are all having the same exact dream Sarah." Cece snapped.

"What are you doing on your laptop anyway?" Crystal asked

"I'm looking up that island."

"You seriously think the island had something to do with this?" Sarah asked.

"I don't think so I know so!"


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