No Ordinary Girls

Cece, Sarah, and Crystal are best friends who share all their secrets. One day, something amazing happens! They have to keep their secret or it will be even more dangerous and drama-fulled then their lives without the secret was, and their lives keeping their secret a secret. Then one day Isy comes to town. Isy has the same secret! The four must work together to keep their secret!


2. The Cave

The girls went to explore, but, Jake decided to stay on the boat. As the girls walked, they found a cave. The girls argued over if they should go in or not.

"What if there's an animal in there, and it attacks us?" Sarah asked.

" Sarah there is absolutely no reason to be scared, I'm sure that we'll be fine." Cece said to her, outing her hand on her shoulder.

" Sarah if you're scared, just go back to the boat with Jake." Crystal snapped.

Crystal took one step into the cave. "HELLO," she yelled. They listened. Nothing.

Crystal and Cece began walking through the cave.

"Guys, wait up!" Sarah yelled, running into the cave.

They walked for about five minutes, then they reached the back of the cave.

There was a pool. It was beautiful!  There were crystals of all different colors everywhere. The pool looked as if It was turquois blue.  There was a hole in the celling of the cave that went straight above the pool.

"Lets go swimming!" Cece said, taking off her flip-flops and her sundress that went over her swimsuit. Then she dived in. Crystal did the same.

"Come on Sarah! The water's great!" Cece called to her.

" Yea Sarah, nothing's going to hurt you!" Crystal said, smirking.

Sarah took a deep breath, and jumped in. The water started bubbling. The girls screamed. Then seconds later the bubbles stopped. Then quickly got out of the pool, and ran back to the boat. Then, they left the island.





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