No Ordinary Girls

Cece, Sarah, and Crystal are best friends who share all their secrets. One day, something amazing happens! They have to keep their secret or it will be even more dangerous and drama-fulled then their lives without the secret was, and their lives keeping their secret a secret. Then one day Isy comes to town. Isy has the same secret! The four must work together to keep their secret!


1. Prolouge

Cece, Sarah, and Crystal couldn't wait intil 1:30! One of their close friends, Jake Lameckso, was taking them to Mailimer Island. 

 Cece Anderson had ice-blue eyes and straight, light-brown hair. She was friendly, but she would do anything for her friends. It wasn't a good idea to mess with her... She was funny, a good singer and actress, shr was very creative and imaginative. As long as you were nice, she would be nice.

Sarah Teckbeth had jade-green eyes and slighty wavy, strawberry-blonde hair. She was kind, yet very shy. She was a little bit of a goody two-shoes.

Crystal Johnson had bright-brown eyes and curly, jet-black hair. She acted tough and fearless. But really, she was friendly, and a little shy once you got to know her.

They had gotten new swimsuits at the mall a week before. Cece's was a neon aqua-blue and neon light-green bikini with gold sequins. Sarah's was a one peice hot-pink and neon-yellow pokadotted. Crystal's was a purple and red stripped bikini with a touch of glitter. 

They waited at the dock for what seemed like hours! Finally Jake sped up in a little speedboat. 

"You gals ready?"

"Of course!" Cece replyed.

Sarah bit her lip. " Are you sure this is a good idea guys? It could be dangerous..."

"Then just stay her Sarah!" Crystal replyed, stepping into the boat after Cece. 

Sarah looked around as if she felt like she was being watched. Then she into the boat. The speedboat sped away from the dock, on its way to Mailimer Island.

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