its on

don't read this if your not allowed to read about sex so .. just read this story


1. not just me bitch

it was the last week of school and I was pissed because thoughs bitches over there stole my best friend well here the story...when me and my mom moved here we had a little hi party and all the girly girls where playing with there dollys I didn't have much I had a pool and a swing set and I played on that all day and that where I met my bestfriend on the swing set ,and his name name was Jason and he was nice and well we grow up and they took him and well   I stole him back but when I walked over there they where in a deep talk about going over to her house and having sex this is how it went

''you could come over tonight and well have some fun in my bed "

"in your dreams slut"

"im a slut for you "putting her hand down her shirt

" nah im going to go to cats house tonight "

then I quickly kissed him and he put his hand around me then I said "hey baby I think you need to sleep over tonight " just to piss her off "sorry if that got uncomfortable I had to piss her off " "nah cat its cool" " but you want to see over I have the new truth or dare

''im down with that cat "                           LATER THAT NIGHT


'' k my good night " my moms room was far away and couldn't hear a thing . what the hell they ask you personal question on qustions

1. are you both a virgin / yes

2. are you both single /yes

3. are you related/no

3. on your rated how dirty can this be 1-10/ 20 you have condums / yes

ok that was weird ok so it was on my phone in the tent that in my bed room  but there was and air mastress and we slept on it together and well " thruth or dare jay" "dare cat" the  dare is ~ suck cats tittys~ *yes or no cat* as she was take off her shirt and bra. ok I gues we where doing this .*sucks * ok now that done  thruth or dare cat "dare '' and the dare was to... ill update later    

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