Learning To Trust Again

Ella is Harry styles cousin. Harry and the rest of the boys come over for the summer while Ella's mom goes away. Both Ella and Niall get heart broken. So will they stay sorrowful forever or learn to rust again?


1. Intro.

Ring,ring! Ring,ring! 
"Hello?"I said picking up my phone. 
"Hey el" said the familiar voice of my cousin  Harry styles. 
"Harry why are you calling me at 8 in the mourning" I said still a bit groggy.
"I just wanted to be the first person to wish you a happy b-day."
"Well your to late because4 other boys already beat you. They called me at 5 in the mourning."
"God I hate when they do that to me! Anyways I also called because you need to be up right now and picking me and the boys up from the airport"
CRAP! I mentally slapped myself for forgetting. " I will be there in an hour i am sooo sorry Harry! Bye love you! I hung up before he could add one of his sassy remarks. I quickly got up and rushed to the shower. I quickly washed myself and then got out wrapping myself in a towel and then walked into my huge wardrobe. I decided to wear a vintage lace dress with a blue jean jacket and then slipped on some brown leather boots. I dried my very curly hair and applied some light makeup. I was ready. I rushed down the stairs into the kitchen where my mum was sitting eating breakfast. "Hi mum, bye mum" i said grabbing a granola bar and my car keys. "Bye" she said confusedly. I ran out the door and got in my car taking a thirty minuet drive to the airport. After taking 5 minuets to find a parking spot ran through the airport doors running right into none other than Harry himself. "Hey el slow down" Harry said laughing at me. I couldn't help but laugh to. " Look everyone it Ella" Louis practically screamed to the other boys. Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis all came over and gave me hugs. "Hey guys! I have missed you so much." We missed you to El" said Liam. " We should get going now."  Harry. With that we all piled into my car. Me and Louis in the front and the other four in the back. When we got home my mum was waiting on the front porch waiting for us.  After she and the boys said their hellos we all went inside for tea. 


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