Learning To Trust Again

Ella is Harry styles cousin. Harry and the rest of the boys come over for the summer while Ella's mom goes away. Both Ella and Niall get heart broken. So will they stay sorrowful forever or learn to rust again?


2. Ella's Heartbreak

" So boys I expect you'll take good care of my Ella while I am gone" 
" Yes we defiantly will aunty Beca"
 Let me catch you up so over tea my mum tells us that she is going to the lake with her friends for two moths the entire summer brake. I was going to be stuck with five teenage boys. I was a little surprised that mum was going on a vacation because this is the firs one she has taken since my dads death 4 years ago. My thoughts were interrupted.  "Ella?" 
"Yes" I said then realizing my mum was waiting for her hug goodbye. "Bye mum" "Bye el. Take care she said walking out the door. "Come on guys I will show you to your rooms."
Harry's P.O.V
As soon as Ella left the room I turned to the boys and said "Remember we need to distract Ella so we can get her surprise party ready." As soon as I said this el poked her head into the living room saying " Guys are you coming" 
"Yeah" we all answered at the same time. I couldn't wait until Ella's party I mean she really had no idea that we were planning this party I just told her that we were going out to eat at 5 when really that's when her party is. My thoughts were interrupted by Ella saying " this is my room but Harry your sharing it with me " 
"Ok" I said going into the room with my bags.

Ella's P.O.V
After I showed the boys their rooms I announced that I was going to go take a nap. I really wasn't going to take a nap I was going to go get ready for my party. I over heard Harry talking about it earlier . I took anther shower taking my time this time making sure I was squeaky clean. Then I went to my wardrobe. I decided to wear my new yellow high low dress with my black wedges and owl neckless. I got dressed and then dried and straitened my wild curls. Then I applied my special occasion makeup. It was now exactly 5. I carefully walked down the stairs in my 5 inch wedges. " Guys I am ready to go to my birthday dinner" I said knowing no one would answer. I walked into the living room and everyone yelled surprise and happy twentyth El. I acted like I was completely surprised . All of my friends were there including my boy friend Will. "You guys are all so amazing" I said. 
"You know it" my boyfriend Will said. At that everyone bursted out laughing. "Oh will" I said. I loved him so much we had been dating for 5 years.
"So how about we play some party games."suggested Louis. 
" Yeah how about spin the bottle with a twist "
"Ok" everyone said
"What's the twist" I said
" Well the person the bottle lands on gets to choose who you kiss" 
"Alrighty" I said
We all sat in a circle. I sat  next to my best friend Emma. Firs to spin the bottle was me. The bottle landed on Harry he of corse said Will we both went to the middle of the circle and kissed. Next to go was Harry the bottle landed in me and I chose my friend Lacey they got in the middle and we had to practically pry them apart from each other. Next to go was Emma. The bottle landed on Will.
"You have to kiss me" he said.
"WHAT!?!?!"  I could not believe he just said that. " Why would you do that will" I said. 
"I've been meaning to tell you el me Emma started dating 1 month ago"
"How could you!" I said to them both while storming off.
"Alright party's over" I could barley hear Harry saying when I left the room. Wow what a great birthday. So far my mom left me with 5 teenage boys and I found out that my best friend and my boyfriend were dating behind my back. I laid down on my bed and cried myself to sleep

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