Seceret.(Not famous)

Zoey was just an ordinary girl, who went to an ordinary school. She had the perfect life until this new boy starts in her class. His eyes is constantly looking at Zoey, but she's too busy with her own boyfriend drama. Suddenly Zoey finds her bestfriend, Leah, dead in the girls bathroom and she finds out some special things about Niall.


34. Training.

Leah's P.O.V

"Aren't you going to pull out the stake?" I asked Harry who was blowing on his hand.

"I'm a fucking vampire, I can't touch vervain!" He shouted with an angry look.

"But I can't do it, it's gross!" I claimed looking down at Zoey.

"Just pull the stake out for gods sake!" Zoey shouted and squeezed her eyes together.

I sat down on my knees, grabbed the stake, took a deep breath and pulled it out. Zoey started to scream as she rolled over. I stood up and dropped the stake.

Blake's P.O.V

I went to the bar and got some keys to the basement from the bartender. I walked downstairs locking up a huge door. I went inside, closed the door again and locked it.

When I turned around Samuel was already there. "Let's get started." He said throwing some boxing gloves at me.

I catched them and put them on while he put on some pads. I started to punch the pads. 

After 15 minutes with boxing I asked him, "How can you pick up things when you're a ghost?"

He smirked as he replied, "I get help from Diana, a witch." 

I nodded and kept on boxing. After a while he placed the pads down and I took off the gloves. 

He handed me a gun, but not an ordinary gun, it was large and shoots stakes. He walked over to the other side of the wall and drawed a dot there.

"Hit the target." He commanded taking some steps back.

I nodded as I aimed and shot, but I missed the first three times.

He shook his head and spoke, "Concentrate Blake!" 

I aimed again and pulled the trigger. The stake hit the dot. Samuel smiled and gave me a shot applause.

"Now, down and give me 50 pushups." He commanded and I did what he said.

He trained me for 4 hours before he finished. He walked over to me, "Make me proud kid."

I smiled and nodded, but when I was about to leave he grabbed my shoulder.

"Just one more thing, never, NEVER, hesitate before killing a vampire." He commanded giving me a deathstare.

I nodded and walked outside handing the key to the bartender. I walked outside, the clock were about 07:00, I've been training  all night.

I walked home to my place having some time to sleep. I went to my room placing down my bag and went to bed.

Zoey's P.O.V

I woke up early in the morning. I sat up walking to the livingroom and spotted Leah on the couch sleeping. I smiled as I made myself some breakfast.

"Why on earth are you up so early?" She groaned and sat up.

"Couldn't sleep. Was thinking about Blake." I whispered picking up my phone.

"Who are youo calling?" She yawned walking over to me.

"My mom." I replied dialed my mom's number.

"Hello sweetheart." She said. It felt good hearing her voice again.

"Where are you and dad?" I asked.

"We're on vacaition in hawaii. A lovely boy named Niall sent us here." She claimed.

I hung up and looked over at Leah.

"Where are they?" She asked.

"In Hawaii.. Niall sent them there." I said scratching my head.

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