Seceret.(Not famous)

Zoey was just an ordinary girl, who went to an ordinary school. She had the perfect life until this new boy starts in her class. His eyes is constantly looking at Zoey, but she's too busy with her own boyfriend drama. Suddenly Zoey finds her bestfriend, Leah, dead in the girls bathroom and she finds out some special things about Niall.


7. The break up.

Zoey's P.O.V

I could tell that Leo was a little jealous.

"Oh, so you're her boyfriend?" Niall asked a little cocky.

Leo nodded as he moved closer to me. He held around me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well well, I thought boyfriends were going to be faithful." Niall whispered and looked around, trying to tease Leo.

"What?" I said a little loud.

Niall smirked, Leo looked down at me with an guilty face. 

"Who?" I asked with an angry voice.

Leo looked down in shame and then angrily up to Niall.

Niall said a little quiet, "Have you already forgot Theresa's name?" 

I looked up at Leo, "Theresa?!" I said loud as I continued, "How did you know?" I asked Niall.

Niall looked at me, "Who didn't? Everyone knows exept you. They hooked yesterday, I saw them at the bar. and no, he wasn't drunk." He claimed.

"Allright, we're done." My voice cracked as I walked away.

Niall's P.O.V

It hurted me to see her broken, but it had to come out, her boyfriends a dick. 

"What's wrong with you dude?" He said slamming me against the locker.

"Oh, you don't wanna do this." I said to him.

He went for a punch but when he was just three centimeters away from my face I grabbed his hand and twisted it.

He fell down on his knees. Almost the whole school came to watch. I kicked him once in his stomach and walked towards the class. 

I suddenly stopped as I looked back. The people who watched were going away leaving him alone. And I started to get thirsty.

I walked over to him again. I grabbed the back of his jacket and dragged him up. I brought him outside, there were no one there, I took a bite, but didn't kill, I then compelled him to forget that I drank from him, and for him to think it was an animal.

I went inside to class and spotted Zoey crying. I walked over to her to comfort her. She told me that they were together for a year. But now that they've broke up, she felt kinda free to move on.

I hugged her tight as Mrs. Garcia came inside. 

"Oh, I miss Leah so much." Zoey claimed as she bursted into tears.

Now I felt kinda guilty for killing her bestfriend. I didn't know they were. And I didn't actually care back then. I sat next to her as Mrs. Garcia started writing on the blackboard.

After class Zoey and I sat together and ate lunch. Suddenly Leo walks inside holding over his neck with blood dripping down.

Zoey's eyes got wide open. "What's happening? What kind of animal does that?" She said as a tear streamed down her face. 

Suddenly she was quiet. Looking at me, her face expression looked scared. She stood up and ran out.

What the actuall fuck just happened?

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