Seceret.(Not famous)

Zoey was just an ordinary girl, who went to an ordinary school. She had the perfect life until this new boy starts in her class. His eyes is constantly looking at Zoey, but she's too busy with her own boyfriend drama. Suddenly Zoey finds her bestfriend, Leah, dead in the girls bathroom and she finds out some special things about Niall.


10. Kidnapped

Harry's P.O.V

I opened the door after snapping Niall's neck. I looked around, suddenly I got stabbed with a wooden stick Zoey took after breaking her chair. 

She ran past me, I turned around, ripped the stake out of me and ran in front of Zoey. She gasped as she took a step back.

"You shouldn't have done that." I spoke and grabbed her arm. I dragged her outside and walked over to my place, it took about five minutes. 

I threw her inside my car and started to drive.

"Let me out you monster!" She yelled hitting me on the shoulder.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. I stoppet the car and leaned over to her. My lips were just a centimeter away from her lips.

"You know," I said closing my eyes. "I can easly snap your neck like I did to Niall."

Our lips touched but she moved back. I opened my eyes and placed my hand on her cheeks.

"Niall's dead?" She whispered closing her eyes.

"No, he'll wake up again, but you'll be dead. Because you're human, and weak." I said kissing her slowly.

She tried to push me back, but I kept on. She placed her hand between our mouth and whispered, "I'm not your hooking buddy."

I smirked as I started to drive again.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked trying to open the door, but I've locked it.

"I'm taking you to my favorite bar out of town." I smirked and looked over at her.

"I'm not going out of town Harry!" She yelled almost hitting me before she remembered what I said earlier.

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up again rubbing my neck. I moaned couple of times before I heard someone coming inside.

"What happened here?!" I heard a lady voice yell.

I had to be her mom. I ran over to her in a millisecond compelling her, "you had an accident with the vaccumcleanier, Zoey is safe, don't look for her. and forget I was ever here."

Then I ran out to search for Zoey.

Zoey's P.O.V

"Wakey, wakey sleepy head." I heard someone say loud.

I turned around facing Harry. I must have fell asleep. He went out of the car and walked over to open my door.

"You know, this is kidnapping?" I said walking outside.

"You know," He said pushing me towards the car leaning over me, "I don't care."

His soft warm breath were all over my neck.

"Where is the bar?" I said pushing him to the side.

I pointed across the street and I started to walk towards it. He folloowed me. We went inside and sat down.

The waitress gave us two huge glass of alcohol and bent over to Harry. They started to kiss. I rolled my eyes as I took a sip.

"I've missed you." The waitress said giving him a kiss on the neck.

"Yeah, well go away now." Harry said pushing her back.

"I can't believe you compel people to like you." I spoke with a bitchy attitude.

He didn't answer, he just drank up the alcohol and so did I. Minutes later I was drunk. I stood up and dragged me upstairs. He took me inside a room, it was a bedroom.

He started to kiss my neck as he locked the door. He lifted me up and carried me to the bed. He layed on top of me. Suddenly he sat up, just staring into nowhere.

"What wrong?" I asked with my drunk voice.

"We're not alone in this room." He whispered...


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