Seceret.(Not famous)

Zoey was just an ordinary girl, who went to an ordinary school. She had the perfect life until this new boy starts in her class. His eyes is constantly looking at Zoey, but she's too busy with her own boyfriend drama. Suddenly Zoey finds her bestfriend, Leah, dead in the girls bathroom and she finds out some special things about Niall.


5. Invited in.

Niall's P.O.V

When she told us what the girl said after Harry compellig her, I couldn't believe Harry didn't kill the girl.

"Uh, I'm sure the girl just imagined something that looked like a vampire." I claimed smiling at Zoey.

She just nodded and whispered, "I guess." 

I looked over at Harry, He reached out his hand and presented himself.

"Hi, I'm Harry, Styles." He said with a charming smile.

"Zoey." She said smiling back and shook his hand. 

We followed her home, and Harry and I went to my place later. 

"We can compel her to forget." Harry suggested while we sat on the couch drinking wine.

"I don't wanna compel her." I claimed and took a sip.

Harry just had a wierd look at me, shook his head and took a sip himself. He stood up, leving the glass on the table and said he was going to eat.

And with that he meant drinking from an human.

"Just remember to either kill or compel the person this time." I said as I layed down on the couch.

He walked outside.

Zoey's P.O.V

My mom and dad were about to leave to Leah's house to talk to their parents. I hugged them goodbye as the walked outside. I closed the door and locked.

After a minute or two the doorbell rang. It was late, I got scared and looked outside the keyhole.

It was NIall's friend Harry. What did he want?

I opened the door and he looked at me with a smile.

"Hey, Zoey right?" He asked staring into my eyes.

I just nodded, "How did you know I lived here?"

"I asked Niall." He claimed.

I asked why he wanted to know, and he replied, "Because I fancy you." 

"You don't even know me,"  I claimed and tried to close the door.

He grabbed the doorknob and I stepped outside. He was a head taller than me.

"Go away." I said pushing him back.

He moved his jaw and grabbed my arm, "Invite me inside." He said looking deeply in my eyes, his pupil moved again. 

I don't know why but i stepped inside and said, "come in." 

He smirked and tok a step inside. He closed the door and locked it. I backed until I hit the wall.

He moved closer to me with a charming smile. He came up close to my body and lifted up my chin.

"I'm not going to hurt you, love." He claimed as he started to kiss me.

I pushed him back and said, "I have a boyfriend." 

Harry's P.O.V

Ugh, I don't know why I choosed her to hook up with. She's so rejecting. I knew Niall maybe felt somethin for her. But I didn't actually care, at least I got someone to hook up with.

"Who cares." I said and looked herin the eyes. "Make out with me." I compelled.

She started to kiss me and pushed me into an other wall. I lifted her up and carried her to the couch while kissing her. I placed her rough on it and layed on top of her. 

I took off her top and she took of my t-shirt. I kissed down her neck until I got really thirsty.

My teeth got out and my veins got visible. She pushed me back with her eyes wide open. 

"What the..." She said before I interrupted her, "This is not going to hurt sweetheart." 

I took a bite in her neck. Ahh, her blood was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. She moaned a couple of times.

I stopped and looked at her in the eyes. "I want you to forget what you saw me become, and that I drank from your vein." I compelled, "But I want you to remember that we made out."

I stood up wiping the blood away from my chin, took my shirt on and were about to leave before I remembered somethin. I walked over to her again and whispered while compelling her, "You got bit, by an animal, not me."

Then i walked to Niall's place again, he was asleep on the couch. I walked over to him and waked him up.

"Who did you drink from?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

I smirked as I asked, "Are you invited into Zoey's house?"

Niall stood up and slammed me against the wall, "What did you do to her?" He shouted.

"Oh relax, we just had a little fun." I replied pushing Niall away.

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