Seceret.(Not famous)

Zoey was just an ordinary girl, who went to an ordinary school. She had the perfect life until this new boy starts in her class. His eyes is constantly looking at Zoey, but she's too busy with her own boyfriend drama. Suddenly Zoey finds her bestfriend, Leah, dead in the girls bathroom and she finds out some special things about Niall.


45. Diana.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Well, Diana is such a sweetheart." Louis spoke and smirked.

Zoey went some steps back and opened the door, I threw the stake and it hit Louis, but he didn't react much, he just pulled it out again and ran towards me.

I kicked him back as Liam came too, he jumped on me trying to bite me, but he soon flew back as I spotted Harry. He helped me up as the rest of the guys came out.

"You really wanna do this?" Niall spoke running over to Louis and kicked him in the face.

Zoey was gone, I couldn't see her. Suddenly Louis and Liam stood up ready to attack again. But they just stood still with their mouths opened.  They fell down as Zoey was behind them with their hearts in her hands.

I smirked as she dropped the hearts. As we were going to go inside again I spoke, "Wait, we have to go to Diana. Say that she can't bring them back to life."

They others agreed as we stepped inside Niall's car driving to Diana. Everyone fell asleep in the car, me and Niall switched on driving.

We parked the car and went inside the bar. Diana was there cleaning the tables. She smiled when she spotted us.

"Hello again, what can I do for you this time?" She asked walking towards us.

"How about stop bringing the fucking werewolves back?" Harry spoke.

"Don't be mean kid. I will stop, if you do a favor for me." She spoke and smirked.

"What?" Niall asked.

"I need Leah, Blake or Zoey to help me with a spell to contact with my dead husband." She spoke looking at them.

"Why do you exactly need them?" Chloe asked.

"Because he knows you, and he hates you." Diana spoke.

"I'll do it." Zoey spoke and took a step forward.

"It's just one catch. I'm not sure you'll survive." Diana said and looked at Zoey.

"No Zoey, I'll do it." Blake spoke.

"No." Zoey said and turned to Blake, "You guys have a whole life ahead of you."

Zoey and Diana walked inside a room. We others just stood there hoping for the best...

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