Anything can happen

Melanie never liked One Direction.

Liam never believed in love at first sight.

But Anything can happen in one night.


4. Surprised

"You really need to ask him out Melanie!" Lucy said for the tenth time that day. We were both sitting on the couch watching a movie. I didn't even acknowledge what the movie was and instead stared at the frame of the television. "He likes you!"

I sighed and then decided I might as well pop her bubble of hope. "Lucy, I saw him today-"

"You WHAT?" Lucy almost roared at me.

"No! As in I texted you but I texted him by accident thinking it was you so it was him I saw in the Cafe and not you-" I started speaking quickly, the words coming out of my mouth in a tangled mess. "Basically, he saw me and then this girl came. And she called him and he left with her, Lucy. He's already in a relationship, okay?"

"That's not true," Lucy replied, her voice confident. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Trust me on this Melanie. What was the girl's name?"

"Chloe, I think."

"That's Liam's sister." Lucy smiled at me, almost smugly.

"Oh," I said weakly and then looked at the television to stop the sudden excitement that was bursting inside me. No Melanie,' I thought to myself sternly, since when did you fall for popular celebrity boys who would date you once and then dump you. Since when? Stop it!

"So now you'll ask him out." Lucy grinned at me, interupting my thoughts.

"No." I replied firmly. "Lucy, I can't! I beg you this once not to do it! Please?" My voice was hoarse and I knew I didn't want to date him. I knew it was stupid even if I knew I did want to date him and see him again. I wanted to hear him contradict me and I wanted him to laugh because of me... But I didn't at the same time. "You don't understand Lucy, I can't."

Lucy, seeing my expression, said, "Okay Melanie. I was just teasing. I understand." She gave me a small smile and I relaxed. We watched the movie together for the rest of the evening until she had to leave. But before she left she suddenly turned towards me.

"Truth or Dare?" she asked. I knew this game. We used to play it since we were children. I always did the dare. Never answered the Truth because even though I could lie in the Truth, I was a horrible liar and the questions that Lucy asked me always intimidated me. And I never backed out of a dare. But 'Truth or Dare' was a game neither me or Lucy had ever refused. Once I'd done my part of the game, I got to return on Lucy.

"Dare. Obviously." I said with a grin. She smiled slyly at me and I knew immediately what the dare was.

"You need to date Liam Payne. One date. You can dump him the next day if you want, but only have one date. And remember, you've never backed out of a date before, Melanie Davids. Never." With a wink, she turned back and left my flat. I stood where I was, my heart thrumming in my chest loudly.

Did I want to do this? No, I thought weakly.

But I'm Melanie. And one boy isn't going to be the first to make me back down from a dare.

So I'd decided. I was going to text Liam asking him to meet up with me in the cafe. I skipped my way into my room and pulled my phone out of my bag. I started texting.

Hey Liam,

I was wondering if you could meet me in the cafe... :) It's not urgent or anything but I would love to see you. So maybe think about it? :)


Almost immediately after I had sent the text I got a reply.

Of-course.. ;) I'd love to. :)


My heart thrumming in my ears, I leaped on my bed with a smile plastered on my face.

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