Anything can happen

Melanie never liked One Direction.

Liam never believed in love at first sight.

But Anything can happen in one night.


1. Mind Change


I sighed and got off the seat that I had been sitting on for an hour. Lucy, who had been staring at the stage in which the boys had been singing on, got up slowly. “They're amazing Melanie! How can you not be in love with them?” She looked at me and I sighed.

“Look Lucy. I get that you love One Direction but I really don't see what you see in them. Can we just quickly go to the backstage pass thing and then go home?” I looked at her, a little impatient.

I came to the concert for Lucy only, not because I liked them. I loved their songs but not them. I found them quite annoying. Lucy glared at me before taking our tickets out.

“Come on then.” She marched off to the backstage where there was a long queue. We waited for about half an hour before they let us in.

“Thankyou!” I said to the ticket collector sarkily. Lucy shot me a cold glare. I smiled at her. I walked over to a bench and sat down. There were hundreds of girl standing near a door, where the boys would clearly be coming out from. Lucy was also staring at the door, dreamily. I took my phone out and plugged in my headphones.

About two hours later I felt someone sit next to me. I looked up from my music and saw Lucy sitting next to me. “You missed their little talk. You know your wasting your money just sitting here?” she pointed out to me. I glared at her.

“I only came her for you, Lucy. When are we allowed to go back home?” I asked her. There was no reply. I looked up at her and her mouth was in the shape of an 'O'. She was staring at something. I looked in her direction and there were the boys, signing some girls' autograph books. “Er...Lucy. I'm sure you've seen One Direction before...”

Her eyes darted to me and she whispered fast. “Liam's staring at you, Melanie! He's STARING at you! OH MY LORD!” I looked back at the boys.

“Which one's Liam again?” I asked her, sheepishly. She glared at me.

“He's the one on the far right. The one that's staring at you.” she replied, in a furious whisper. I looked back up and saw the boy.


He was staring at me and when he caught me looking, he smiled.


Lucy let out a small scream. “HE SMILED AT YOU MELANIE!” I couldn't help it, I smiled back at him.

“Lucy, I'm sure he does that to lots of girls.” I looked at her but now she was staring at me.

“And I'm sure he doesn't always walk up to the girls he smiles at.” she replied and I looked to see him walking over to my bench.

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