Anything can happen

Melanie never liked One Direction.

Liam never believed in love at first sight.

But Anything can happen in one night.


2. Meeting


“Hi,” I heard the boy say. “My name's Liam.” He put out his hand and I shook it,

“ I kind of knew that already but anyway. Melanie.” Lucy shot me another cold glare when I said this but she squeaked loudly when he glanced at her.

“How was the concert?” he asked me, watching me intently. I glanced at Lucy, who was staring at Liam as if he was a God. I didn't get what it was about the boys that made all the girls fall in love with them.

“ Erm... it was fine, I guess.” I tried to look past him to see if anyone else was watching us. Harry Styles was watching us. this was weird.

“ Oh yeah! I have to go home, like late hour and everything.” I said, quickly and picked my bag up. I got up quickly and pulled Lucy up.

“ Not a One Direction fan, eh?” He asked me, with slight amusement,.

“Unfortunately not everyone is in love with you.” I shot back at him and quickly looked to see his reaction. He could go and report me...


He was grinning.



“ And not everyone is feisty.” He said, looking at me.

“ What's that supposed to mean?” I asked him, glaring at him.

“ What's what meant to mean?”

“ Is that meant to be funny?” I asked him, with a hint of annoyance. He chuckled and looked behind. He leaned over me and for a minute I thought he was going to hug me.


If he did, I swear I'll punch him. But he didn't.


As he pulled back, he grinned at me and walked over to the rest of his band.


“ Annoying little rat!” I said to Lucy, as he walked away. There was no reply so I looked at her. Her eyes were wide and she was staring at Liam.

“ He talked to you Melanie! Of course he would! Your so gorgeous!” She squeaked, with a hint of jealousy.

“ Hey! Lucy, you're amazingly beautiful! You just can't see that!” I told her.

“ But you have golden brown skin and I pale skin!” She sighed and looked at her hand.

“ That's only because my mom's half- Asian. Which makes me a quarter- Asian.” I said to her. I looked at her, but she was still looking miserable. I sighed and dragged her out of the stadium.


She was silent throughout the whole journey home. When we got on the last bus she picked my bag up and went through it.

“ Where did I leave my purse?” she muttered as she went through my bag. Then her hands froze and her whole body went rigid.

“ Are you OK? Have you lost the purse? It's OK. We'll-”

“ His number.” She interrupted me.

“ Whose?” I asked her. I'd forgotten about the whole day and stared at her.

“ Liam's.” She squeaked. My eyes widened and I snatched the paper out of her hand. He'd written his number in a messy scrawl and signed it off at the bottom.

“The nerve of it! HE THINKS I WOULD CALL HIM!” Now I was squeaking. She took my phone and saved the number on it. “ What do you think you're doing?”

“ Saving his number on your phone.”

“ I hate him! He's rude!” I ripped the paper that he had given me and snatched the phone, ready to delete his number.

“ For me?” Lucy whispered. I looked at her and she was watching me. “ Keep the number for my sake. Please?”


I was silent for a while. Then I replied, “Fine.”

She hugged me. “ I'm the godmother for your first born child with him.” She said and smiled at me.


I glared at her coldly.

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