Anything can happen

Melanie never liked One Direction.

Liam never believed in love at first sight.

But Anything can happen in one night.


3. Chloe

'I'll meet you in the Chocolate Café'. I text Lucy quickly and almost professionally. I was so fast at getting her name up from the contact list that I barely had to check if it was her. I get up and swing my shoulder bag on. I grab my purse and house keys and bounce out of the house.


“Melanie?” I hear a boy's voice and I whiz around to find Liam standing beside my table in the Chocolate Café. I stare at him blankly. He was wearing huge sunglasses and a large hat that came down to his forehead. He wore a long coat that came to his knees and I giggled.

“What are you wearing?” I whispered, trying to hide a smile. Liam grinned at me.

“It's called a disguise.” He replies, his eyes glinting.

“Why do you...oh.” I remember that he's from a famous boy band. “Ok, bye.” I turn back round and tapped my fingers impatiently on the table.

“ told me to meet you here.” He suddenly says. My fingers froze and I turn round slowly.

“WHAT?” I ask him, horrified. He HONESTLY thought I'd asked to meet up with him. He smiled slowly and grabbed his phone out of his pocket and showed the text to me, almost lazily.

My whole body goes rigid all over.


His name had replaced the position of where Lucy's name used to be. I didn't bother to check who I texted because I automatically thought it was Lucy. Liam's name is one before Lucy's now. I cough awkwardly.


“Er, you see... I thought you were my friend Lucy so I kind of texted you. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I caused you.” I tell him quickly. He laughs quietly and sat down lazily on the chair in front of me.

“Let's move to the back of the room so I can talk to you without this huge coat on.” He got up and walked off and I followed him, annoyed.

We sat down opposite each other and I tapped my fingers on the table more impatiently. “Look I'm sorry. Don't sue me or anything 'cos you were the one who gave me your number.” I tell him.

“And you actually saved it on your phone.” He replies.

I flush a deep red.

“And I wanted to ask-” He started before being interrupted.

“Liam?” It was a girl's voice. I turn around and see a girl with long brown hair tied up in a pony tail. Her brown eyes twinkled with excitement.

“What is it Chloe?” Liam asked, staring at the girl.

Her name was Chloe, then.

“I need to show you something.” The girl said. Her eyes laid on me for a brief moment and a quick smile passed her lips. “Come on!” She pulled Liam up and dragged him towards the door. Liam gave me an apologetic look and went off.


So, Liam was obviously already in a relationship. I'm meant to be happy, aren't I?

I'm not jealous, of course!

I think.

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