You've got that one thing

laura-mae is just the average fan. she goes to work. does her chores. has a normal life. all until one direction tweet about where they are filming. will they see her? what will happen? what about her past?


2. The chip....

Laura's P.O.V


as I walked into work Kelly rushed up  to me squeeling about niall this morning following me. "OMFG! YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST CHICK IN THE WORLD!" since I was late for work I ignored her and ran behind the counter to begin serving. 6 orders later a little girl came up to me and giggled "my mum wants me to get more kips!" I laughed and went to get the 'kips' for her. I just then realised that I hadn't eaten any breakfast or anything and grew absolutely starving! I had to. I couldn't resist it. I took one. little did I know that my boss was right behind me and made me quickly give the chips to the little girl and rush back to him." that's another £5 deducted from your pay. one more time this month Laura-mae and you will have to spend 2 months away from work. now I suggest you get back to work and work hard for the last 5 minutes of your shift." and with that my boss walked away and headed to a newbie about to enter the kitchen though newbies aren't allowed. I sighed and went back to the cash desk. the girl came up to me and whispered into my ear " miss I saw you get told off. im sowwy here my mum told me to give you this!" and placed a £10 note into my hand and I smiled and said thankyou and grabbed her hand and said "lets take you back to your table than eh?" she nodded and we walked over and I sather down and kissed her forehead. I looked up at her mum and said " may I have your number? I have a friend who has a little sister and im sure that they could have a laugh!" her mum nodded and wrote her pone number down and as she was doing that I asked the 'kips' girl what her beautiful name was and she said " wucy!" her mum corrected her by saying " lucy her names lucy! here's the number! " and with that I waved good bye and I left. I quickly tweeted saying ' @niall_horan I just left nandos and met an adorable little girl who said chips were kips and lost £5 pay for stealing one! it was soo nice ! xx' I quickly turned on the gas and left thinking to my self what a  great day at work  had.

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