You've got that one thing

laura-mae is just the average fan. she goes to work. does her chores. has a normal life. all until one direction tweet about where they are filming. will they see her? what will happen? what about her past?


3. Daniel

Lola's P.O.V


as i opened up my eyes the bright sun light, lit up my room. my clock says 10:30  damn it! i missed Laura leaving! she will be so pissed at me, she wanted to talk to me last night but i ignored her and she ran away crying . why am i such a brat?! i hope she is okay..


Laura's P.O.V


as soon as i get home im going straight up to my room. i can't believe that at my time of need my own step-sister ignored me! i love her to pieces but she can be a pain!! im 19 and she's 17  and she treats me as if im the baby! huh well im in charge especially since we don't have any family left.. when i was younger my mum died when giving birth to my baby brother but he died too and my dad tried to move on and got married to Lola's mum and she killed him then she got killed by the police so we haven't had the best past.. i try to forget it but every time we argue i remember it. 

as i walk in Lola comes running up to me and gives me a huge hug crying. " um.. Lola are you OK? what happened? Daniel didn't come did he??? LOLA?!" i scream at her uncontrollably hyperventilating she pulls away " no. why what happened? im just so happy to see you!" she replies confusion taking over her face i look away " its OK ." she steps towards me and questions me " what happened between you and Daniel ?!!" i go towards the sofa and sit down " last night when i went to his place i used my key and saw this blonde girl naked on the floor panting i was so shocked and then i saw Daniel come over to her and thrust into her. again and again.. it was soo bad and even worse they didn't know i was there and he.. he... he..." I sobbed " he what?????" Lola screams " he licked her uh huh and said 'i love the way you feel, smell, look, and taste. i love you' that was when i collapsed and cryed on the floor he noticed me and kicked me out . why does love always hurt me?! life hates me!" lola sits there shocked " its OK babe why don't we chill out tomorrow and since you don't have work for the next 2 weeks go out shopping and have fun days out yeah? " i smile Lola always knows how to cheer me up. " sure " i hug her and go upstairs to change.

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