You've got that one thing

laura-mae is just the average fan. she goes to work. does her chores. has a normal life. all until one direction tweet about where they are filming. will they see her? what will happen? what about her past?


1. daily routine

Laura's P.O.V

As my morning alarm went off I reluctantly forced myself out of bed and turned on my cd player and pressed play. take me home instantly played at medium rate. I opened up my walk-in closet and grabbed my plain old nandos uniform. that's right I work at nandos. its not that fun really. you cant steal a chip off someones plate otherwise £5 is deducted from your salary. I know insane right?! I headed towards the bathroom and turned on the shower while stripping down. once I got in I tied my hair up and cleaned myself. as I got out I nearly slipped but thankfully I grabbed onto the towel rack in time. I quickly got dressed and looked at the time 6:45. great I have enough time to do my hair and check twitter. I undid my hair and straightened it while clipping my fringe back. when I was done I saw I had 5 mins till  had to leave so I rushed over to my fully charged phone and unlocked it. I quickly logged in to twitter and within seconds I was checking my home page and saw a tweet from @niall_horan I read it and retweeted it while replying saying ' @niall_horan on my way to work. NANDOS HERE I COME! ' I giggled as I pressed save. I ran out my room and grabbed my converse slipping them on while scribbling a note saying im at work to my step-sis . I grabbed my phone and ran to the car hopped in and turned on the engine and backed out of the drive way while singing along to 1D's irresistible. " your lips so kissable and kiss unmissable , your fingertips so touchable and your eyes, irresistible ." as I pulled up at work I heard my phone make the twitter noise and I looked .niall had replyed to me saying ' wow you are one awesome fan! you deserve a follow ! niall xxooxx' I gasped as my followers went up one more! yay !  thank you niall!

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