Movellian Interviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I'm asking questions no one asks, but not because they're secret, it's because they're totally unexpected sometimes, they're just random! Some of my questions are meant to be taken seriously though, and I am still experimenting, so the theme of my questions is subject to change. Bear with me here.

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7. tallulahflanjee



Name: Becky D

Age: 15

Time on Movellas: ermmm about 3 months

Favorite Piece of work done by you: Occupational Hazard

Favorite piece of work done by someone else: I really enjoyed Assasin and the idea behind Tirips boarding school  




Your movella, Occupational Hazard, has gained the attention of many on the site. Do you have a fun fact about anything related to the story? (Ex: where you wrote it, how you came up with the characters, etc..)

Erm.. I thought up the idea daydreaming in bed... The concept was from a daydream but adjusted to have a proper storyline. Some elements are twists on real life and a lot of the feelings originate from real feelings, but then they have to or it wouldn't be realistic.  


If you could be related to any character from any book, who would it be?

I wouldn't want to be related to Casey, her family's been pretty awful. I think Nathan would be an awesome big brother. Really protective, that'd be awesome. When writing on actual paper, (what a thought, I know.) ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil? Ballpoint pen!! I always smudge pencil. But computers all the way normally...


What made you interested in movellas?

My mum heard about the Young Movellist Competition and when I got on the website I loved it!! There's so many likeminded people and everyone's really nice. The comments and feedback I've got have been really helpful too.  


What is your opinion on the movellians that speak out? (This sometimes results in their removal from the site)

I've not been on that long so I haven't really seen it. Is it speak out like being giving non-constructive criticsim or criticising a government or something? It depends, if anyone's being malicious they shouldn't be on a website like this... but I've a feeling that's not what they're "speaking out" about.



You say you are "a sucker for romance." Do you remember what made you like romance so much? And why do you like it?

Bridget Jones. My life is so similiar to Bridget Jones it's almost weird. Like when I went ice skating I crashed straight into this guy in the year above and like fell face first on top of him... it was embarrassing. I love the happy endings and the humour. In action or mystery the world may be saved but nobody's any happier than they were before. I love seeing the really happy cute couples and seeing that it all can work out. 


You mention you are a fan of the Hunger Games. I must ask, Team Peeta, Team Gale or indifferent?

Indifferent, Peeta did so much for her in the arena but Gale looked after her family which she probably would value more so both...


Final question, you live in the UK. I live in the US. For a person who practically worships the UK, what do you think is the best part about being British? And the worst?

The best is the spirit even though we're a small country it's our determination that gets us the Olympic medals and the huge celebrations. I love the British music industry, the parties and gigs are what we're good at. The worst is definitely the weather. It's so unpredictable and normally freezing. I live for the warm days.  



Thank youuuu this has been really fun. You got me thinking :)

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