Movellian Interviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I'm asking questions no one asks, but not because they're secret, it's because they're totally unexpected sometimes, they're just random! Some of my questions are meant to be taken seriously though, and I am still experimenting, so the theme of my questions is subject to change. Bear with me here.

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8. Midnight Rogue



Name: Midnight Rogue [my real name will remain undisclosed]

Age: 18

Time on Movellas: Just over a Year

Favorite Piece by you: Assassin’s Creed: Reminiscence, Blood Will Have Blood, and Chronicle of the Blood-Filled Crown.

Favorite Piece by Someone else: Remnant by Naj [N.S.] and Victoriana by Sakura




If you were forced to go to a deserted island all alone, what three items would you take with you?

Depends of the terrain of the island. I have decent knowledge in survival skills [courtesy of my father], so assuming that food [plant or animal], wood and water are present – I’d take a knife, my messages from the ‘mysterious’ Slendy and a copy of the Lord of the Rings.


I see you have a lot of poetry movellas. How do you find inspiration to write your poems?

For the most part it emerges from nature. I spend a lot of time in the park, and that so many of my poems are inspired thusly. Many others are inspired by history, politics and something someone says somewhere [quotes from famous people, or people I know].


If you could take one character from any of your movellas and bring them into the real world, which one and why?

Um... ooh, that’s a hard one XD I think I’d pull out... Cato from In Sheep’s Clothes because he’s amazing in so many ways. Intelligent and loyal. Oh, and he'd make a perfect survival buddy for that deserted island you mentioned.


What does your family think of your writing? Do you show them? (It's okay if you don't, I don't.)

Well... I show my brother, not anyone else. My dad’s not much of a reader and my mum’s not either.


Do you ever outline your plot before you start to write a story?

Some I do XD Assassin’s Creed: Reminiscence had a chapter by chapter outline and I stuck to it. In Sheep’s Clothes also had a plan [though, I haven’t finished that yet]. But stories like The Hunger Games: The Unlucky Number and Blood Will Have Blood I made up as I went.




Can I ask who Squishy is and why it would hurt my arms? :O

Squishy features in III – In Amore Et Bellum and IV – Alea Iacta Est. He’s an Albino Nazgul that was gifted to the character Rogue by Timelord Vesp after she returned from being imprisoned in Bengal.

It’s very peckish you see XD And it’s developed a taste for carrots. It also feels very agitated by strangers and tends to attack them – no matter how nice you try to be.


Another question, was it is an Albino Nazgul?

Nazguls feature in Tolkien’s epic: The Lord of the Rings. In Peter Jackson’s movie, this is what they looked like:

Vesp gifted one that was Albino: Completely white.


Finally, I see you have some Anti-Fanfics in your collection. Could you explain to me what an anti-fanfic is?

An Anti-Fanfic is basically a 1D/JB fanfic with a twist – instead of venerating these subjects, the story destroys them [usually in a brutal manner]. Many movellians are also often incorporated into the story and given a persona.



So… This was fun XD Thanks for reading ;D and remember to like and fave the movella, because the author is epic XD

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