Movellian Interviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I'm asking questions no one asks, but not because they're secret, it's because they're totally unexpected sometimes, they're just random! Some of my questions are meant to be taken seriously though, and I am still experimenting, so the theme of my questions is subject to change. Bear with me here.

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2. LittleMsHollywood


Name: Bryony.

Age: 15

Been on movellas for: Just under 11 months.

Favourite piece of work: Either the Codename Trilogy, or A Warning, as it raises awareness.

Favourite by another movellian: Erm...Meeting The King. I'm a fangirl at heart.




LM111: How do you react when someone doesn't like your work?

LMH: I'm used to it. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. It's when people start leaving racist/homophobic hate comments that I snap. Yeah, suuure it's acceptable to call me a "half-bred, b*tch-kissing k*ke" on here. Yeah, I can be very sarcastic at times.  


LM111: Are the names of your characters in your movellas important?

LMH: Yes, very. I often include Movellians in my work, so that's one reason. Plus, some names mean a lot to me, so I choose them.  


LM111: Where do you stand on the use of drugs/violence/sex in writing?

LMH: All three should be written about with caution. I write about a lot of violence, but I put warnings first. There are young kids on here, so people should be careful when writing about these things.  


LM111: What are the most important things to remember in writing when trying to remain sane?

LMH: Well, you're asking the wrong person. I'm completely insane when it comes to writing. Yet, remembering that it's fiction does help a LOT.  


LM111: How much impact do you think childhood has on writing?

LMH: It has a HUGE impact. I had a..."screwed up" childhood, and you can tell this in the graphicness of my death/torture/fight scenes. Same with the controversialness of my topics. I've written stories about abortion, bullying, teen pregnancy, suicide, murder, and recently blended lyrics about the dangers of the Starlight Run.  




You have a quote in your bio, who is that from? And why exactly do you like it? It didn't say, it just said "Anon." afterwards. I like it because it reminds me to never try to be someone else, and to keep an eye out for plagiarists. They lurk everywhere.


You say your closest friend is on here? How would you describe LifeIsDeath as a writer? He's a great writer, and very good at erotic writing, which he point-blank refuses to publish on here. Yet, he does have a habit of annoying me, and recently crossed the line.  


You also mention you are part of "The Brotherhood." Would you care to explain what that is, if you don't mind me asking?

Brotherhood: The Brotherhood work to eradicate erotic fanfictions, and to give the decent writers the reads they deserve. We raise awareness of ourselves by the publication of anti-fanfictions, and protests. We WILL eventually win, no matter what. I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the Brotherhood, if needed.


Please, support the Brotherhood. We HAVE to win this war. Zhuge, I love you.  


Thank you for your time, LMH. This was a great first interview. :) 

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