Movellian Interviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I'm asking questions no one asks, but not because they're secret, it's because they're totally unexpected sometimes, they're just random! Some of my questions are meant to be taken seriously though, and I am still experimenting, so the theme of my questions is subject to change. Bear with me here.

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6. Jayla Quaaid

I was given the chance to give Jayla Quaaid, author of Daddy Won't Know, Daddy Won't See, and most recently Creatures of the Light, her first interview. (quite the honor, by the way.)




Name: Jayla Quaaid  

Age: 15  

Time on Movellas: 11 months.

Favorite Piece of Work by You: I am most famous for my Daddy Won't Know series but my favorite book is my new series, Creatures Of The Light (StarOnTheRight).  

Favorite Piece of Work by someone else on movellasThe True Emotion Games  




You are most famous for your movella: Daddy Won't Know. Who would you say was your favorite character from your novel and why?

My favorite character would have to be Colton by far because he is pretty much my dream guy; funny, protective and caring.


What is your opinion on the presence of dirty 1D imagines written by under-age writers on the site?

Depending on how far it can go, I find it a little sad to how are youth is behaving over the past few years and it's just starting to get a little disturbing. Although, I do not mean to offend anyone.


Who would you wish to play your characters if one of your writings was developed into a movie?

I actually picked out a cast already for Wattpad lol:)

Krissy - Lily Collins

Colton - Jeremy Supmter

Brent - Zac Efron

Rhi - Kaley Cocou

Tom (Dad) - Dennis Quaid

Alison - Kate Hudson


You've mentioned you have been given the opportunity to self-publish. For other authors looking to do the same thing, could you give them advice on how to accomplish this?

I don't want to give away my enire secret but I will say this; you can look around online for different free self-publishing programs.


In writing, can you list two things not to do and two things that you should definitely include in a piece?

One thing you should always try to avoid in writing is to allow the story to skip a head too quickly. I have learned this over writing Daddy Won't Know when I made the big mistake of allowing the characters to fall in love so quickly. Another is check over your story for spelling and grammar mistakes before you publish each chapter, also another thing I have taught myself over writing my movellas. You should always include lots of detail while writing. Allow the readers to really step into the story as if they were actually there. 




Alright, I'm going to share a quick story, and then I'll get to the actual questions. At first on Movellas, I had only been reading fan-fictions, as I only looked in that part of Movellas. My best friend who is also on Movellas, she goes by the username of Aryath, came across Daddy Won't Know and wouldn't stop talking me about it, guilting me into reading it (not that I didn't want to, I just wasn't sure.) So when I finally read it, I was so excited about it, and my friend and I talked about it for like days. Anyway, when you agreed to do an interview, I originally asked her if she would do it, as it only seemed right. However, she tells me she wouldn't know what to say, though I think she's just shy(:

I don't know what the point of that was, other than to let you know, but I'm done now, so time for the real questions!(:

I can be a little shy too but I absolutely love talking to everyone on movellas! Not very many people actually try talking with me but for those that do, we become friends very fast. So if you want to chat, I promise I don't bite:)  


You say in your bio, you have a craving for nutella. Can you explain to me why everyone likes nutella so much? I don't get it.

I have absolutely no idea, it's the world's greatest mystery! I love nutella so much and so does my best friend, Larissa. We end up just eating it right out of the jar together! Although it's so unhealthy!


How did this fear of muskrats form? Any scarring childhood experience?

Yes actually, when I was younger I would go up to my grandparents house almost every weekend as a kid. They lived on the lake. So this one time, the neighbour's were yelling about an animal in their yard and I followed my dad to go see what it was and sure enough it was a very aggressive muskrat. I got too close and it scratched me. Thank god there was not scarring. I've been terrified since and I also just find them very creepy. When my friends found this out in seventh grade, they teased me about it for a week and I found the word muskrat written all over my binder! My friends are crazy lol:)



Thank you for giving my a chance to do my first interview! I really enjoyed sharing more about myself and I would love to do this again! And I would just like to remind everyone to check out my new story Creatures Of The Light on my new account StarOnTheRight!

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