Movellian Interviews: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I'm asking questions no one asks, but not because they're secret, it's because they're totally unexpected sometimes, they're just random! Some of my questions are meant to be taken seriously though, and I am still experimenting, so the theme of my questions is subject to change. Bear with me here.

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4. IceCreamGirl

I got the chance to interview one of my absolute favorite writers on here, one of the reasons I began publishing my works here to begin with, IceCreamGirl!


Name: Rhiannon

Age: 14

# of years/months/time on movellas: Nearly 11 months

Favourite piece of work: That's tricky, but probably Have Faith or Shattered; though neither are finished, I'm quite proud of what I have so far.

5. Favourite piece of work by someone else on movellas: Also difficult, as there are so many amazing writers on here, but Finding Theo, as it's so good.



1. Have you ever based a character off of yourself in any of your pieces? If so, who? And was that a weird experience?

I never really like to do that, as part of the reason I write is to see the world from other people's point of views. That's one of the reasons I tend to write about more outspoken people, as it's someone I'd love to be, but can't, so I just settle for writing about them. But I did once, in The House that Disappeared (deleted now), and honestly, I found it quite dull. It wasn't at all challenging to write, as I knew exactly what I'd do, and I have a pretty dull personality, so i had to keep the plot interesting as the characters weren't.

2. If stuck in a room with Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Harper Lee, who would you be most interested to talk to, if you could only speak to one, for five minutes only?

Sadly, I've never read a Dickens or anything by Harper Lee, though I've been meaning to for a while. So my choice would have to be Shakespeare; he had such controversial views in that time and wrote so many amazing plays, it would be fascinating to speak to him.

3. Bullying hurts, we all know that, but if you could tell someone who was about to commit suicide, what would you tell them in a last attempt to change their minds?

I'd tell them exactly how much they meant to me and how important they were to this world.

4. Do you ever picture yourself signing copies of your own book? Is that something you'd like to do? Be an author?

I've never pictured that actually; the one thing I imagine if I dream of being a famous author, is someone coming up to me in the street and telling me that my book changed their life. That would be the most amazing thing to hear, though it'll probably never happen. But I'd absolutely love to be an author, it would be an absolute dream to get published someday. People always talk about jobs as dull things, but if I could do the thing I loved for a living, then I'd never want a day off.

5. When people read your writing, is there something you hope they take away from it? Or is your writing simply for you, and the readers can take what they please, it's all the same?

I've never exactly thought about what readers could take away from it. I'd love to think that my writing could change how they view the world, especially with a few more of my controversial movellas. That's how I know which books are the best, when they change my view on something. But mostly I just tend to write for myself, as you said, and just hope that people may get something out of it.




As I am absolutely sure you know, I absolutely idolize you as a writer, and a person, because you always seem to have the level head on this site, you're always so confident and optimistic (: But, was there someone who influenced you to start writing? Someone who told you you were good, and should do it, or did you do it on your own?

I didn't know that at all! That is really sweet of you, and has made my day! It's weird to think that I could be someone's idol... Not exactly anyone in particular influenced me to start it, really. I've always loved reading, which probably contributed to it a lot, and enjoyed writing at school. I don't want to sound conceited in any way, but I've always been in the top groups for most subjects, including English, so I've often been told that I write well, but never really encouraged to take it up. But I just saw the ad for Movellas, and thought "Hm, I've always liked writing, why not give it a go, could be a laugh." Then I joined, and realised how much I loved it.

You say you're a music addict in your bio. Any music in particular you fancy? Any artists, bands?

I'm constantly changing music that I liked, my favourite song changes every week and you should see the variety of CDs I have. But mostly I'm into a bit of pop, rock and a bit of screamo, but that's only recent. Favourite stuff is probably: One Direction, Sleeping With Sirens, Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift and Pierce the Veil. Though by the time someone's reading this, it'll probably have changed.

What does it feel like to be a Movellas Ambassador? Is it stressful? Is it fun? :)

Mainly fun. We get a load of opportunities and I love helping anyone that asks me questions, as people often do. But I often get a lot of reading requests, which can be hard to keep up with, but otherwise I completely love being an Ambassador, and hope I can stay being one for a while! ANY NOTES? Thank you so much for conducting this interview with me! And stick at writing everyone, keep doing what you enjoy, because life's too short to have regrets (cheesy, I know).'


Thanks for your time, IceCreamGirl, you were great(:

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