Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


6. You Are Special... To Me

Niall's POV

I wake up in the morning on the couch. Emma's head is still resting on my shoulder. Someone put a blanket on us yesterday when we were asleep. I guess it was Liam, he's the daddy, you know. It feels so good lying here with her arms wrapped around me so I close my eyes again. I want to lay here with her forever. ''say yeaaaah, and let me kiss you!'' Louis sings while he walks in the room.  Harry follow him ''aw you want to kiss me, come here little boy!'' he says while running after Lou. I listen to their conversation with my eyes still closed, pretending I'm asleep. Then Liam walks in the room. ''Lou! Harry! shhh someone is trying to sleep in here!'' he says. Aw sweet Liam, he's really the daddy in this house. ''huh who? huh?'' Harry says with his sleepy voice. Liam points at the couch where Emma and I are sleeping, well she is sleeping, I'm not. ''oh oops, sorry we didn't saw them.'' Louis says. ''But aw they look so cute together.'' ''yeah I know'' Liam agrees. ''Emma just needs Niall. She's a strong girl but she needs someont to cuddle now, haha, and as you know, Niall is the best hugger ever!'' Liam says giggling. Harry and Louis are laughing too. I smile, everyone says I'm a good hugger. ''Guess we need to wake them up now, though.'' Louis says. ''We need to make breakfast and we can't do that without making any sound.'' uh oh, they mayn't wake Ems, she needs some rest. I decide to stand up. ''Nialler, you're awake'' Louis says a bit surprised cuz he thought I was sleeping. ''yeah, but you guys can't wake Emma, she needs her rest, you know.'' I whisper. I stand up and carry her to my bedroom. I lay her in my bed and lay the blankets all over her. 


Emma's POV

I wake up but keep my eyes close, to tired to open them. I feel I lay in my bed. Someone kisses my head and walks away. I open my eyes. it's Niall. I remember last night, we fell asleep together on the couch. It felt so good lying with him there. I don't want him to walk away. ''Wait'' I whisper, to tired to talk. Niall turns around and sees I'm awake. He smiles. ''stay here, please'' I say. I roll over and make some place in the bed for Niall. I'm so tired and my eyes close again. ''come'' I whisper. I hear Niall's footsteps walking to the bed. I open my eyes again and see him taking his shirt off. He lays down next to me. I grab his hand. ''I'm cold'' I whisper. He looks at me, smiling, and puts his arms around me. ''I'm warm now.'' I say, giggling. He laughs and I fall asleep again.


Niall's POV

Emma falls in sleep again. I keep looking at her. she's so beautiful. How could that stupid Eithan guy break up with her? and how could it be that Eithan was her first boyfriend? how can nobody else love her? with all these thoughts I fall asleep too. 

*1 hour later*

I watch the door as it slowly opens. Liam comes in with our breakfast. ''aw, Thankyou Liam'' I say smiling. ''I'll leave you two alone now as he walks out the door. I turn around to see if Emma is awake. Her beautiful eyes are looking at me, straight in my eyes. ''let's eat, I'm so hungry!'' she says. ''omg I eat so much I feel like a giant bear. I always eat.'' she says laughing. ''wow me too!'' I say, grabbing a sandwich. ''Ems?'' ''hmm?'' ''tell me something more about Eithan?'' ''why, he makes me sad, I don't want to talk about him now.'' I think, she needs to talk. that's good. I take her plate with breakfast and put it behind me. ''hey! what you doing?'' she says while she's trying to take her food back. ''talk!'' I say while I grab her arms and make her sit in front of me. Her back is against my chest and I hold her arms thight. My arms are around her and my head is on her shoulder. She wants to escape. ''Na'ah, don't escape. First talk, then I let you go.'' I say grinning. she sighs. ''okay, I'll tell you. Eithan is very popular and all girls like him. I don't know why he likes me. He's got a big car and he's got ermm, lemme think, 27 tattoos. He's the boy who bullies little boys. And, and he slapped me twice.'' she says. ''HE WHAT!?'' I scream. ''I hate him!'' ''but you don't even know him, Niall. ''I know, but.'' I say nothing. ''He is like the popular boy every girl loves, you know. And I'm just normal.'' she says. ''No! that's not true. you are very special.'' I say. ''I'm the only one who is normal.'' I say. ''Na ah. YOU are special, Niall.'' I put my finger on her lips, make her stop talking. ''shush'' I whisper. ''she takes my finger away, holding it.'' ''you are special, Niall'' she whispers. ''shhh, don't say'' I whisper. ''to me.'' she ends. I am special to her. I smile. she looks at me. ''okay, you talked now you can go.'' I say while I put my arms back on the bed. ''no'' she says. ''hold me, I wanna stay like this.'' she whispers.

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