Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


4. Truth Or Dare

I sit down. What happened here? ''Okay, so'' Niall starts ''our moms were in a girlband called That Direction when they were younger. And they were very famous. Do you know them?'' I think, hmm that name, I know it from somewhere.. ''yeah I know it! my mom always listens to their music. I love that song called Little Things. So,did they gave you all their money or?'' I still don't know why they are so sad. Aren't they happy for their moms. ''erm..well.. they didn't gave us their money, erm.. they did but..'' Niall says and a tear rolls down his cheek. ''I'm sorry'' he says and he walks away. ''our moms are dead'' Liam says. ''their airplane crashed'' I can't believe this. My body freezes and I'm all cold. They all lost their moms! this isn't fair. How can they live with this. I don't like my mom very much but I couldn't live without her! ''I'm so sorry for you guys... I'm gonna search Niall now, I guess he needs some help. I walk upstairs and I hear Niall strumming on his guitar. 


Niall's POV

someone knocks on the door. ''come in'' It's Emma. ''are you okay?'' she asks. ''well, I think I am. Sorry for walking away, it just hurts so much to talk about them. We all miss them so much'' I say and another tear escapes from my eye. Emma walks to me and hugs me. I'm so glad she is here. I really needed a hug. ''so lets go back to the lads, maybe we can do something fun, like Truth Or Dare. Would you like that?'' I ask her. ''yeah sure''


we walk into the living room and the boys are just staring or on their Iphones. ''wow, i've got 3000 followers on twitter!'' Harry says. Harry is always on twitter, he's addicted to it I guess. ''so maybe we could play Truth Or Dare?'' I ask the boys and they all nod. ''Okay I'll start. Harry, truth or dare?'' ''dare'' hmm I have to think of something fun. ''place on twitter ermm: I will love Louis Tomlinson forever'' ''wait, what!? I'm not going to do that. 3000 people follow me, remember?'' ''haha yes I remember, that's why I want you to do it I grin. Emma giggles and says ''c'mon Harry do that! you chose dare!''. ''ugh, okay I'll do it'' Harry grabs his phone and reads: '' I will love Louis Tomlinson forever. send'' ''aw Harry I love you tooooo.'' Louis says with a girly voice and he runs to Harry and hugs him. Everybody is laughing. ''okay my turn'' Harry says. ''truth or dare to erm.. Emma!'' ''uh oh'' Emma says ''uhm dare please'' ''dare, hmm so I dare you to kiss Niall ''what!?'' she says. ''yeah, kiss him. on the lips'' Harry grins. She has to kiss me? I don't know if I like this or not. but yeah, we have to do this. ''c'mon Ems kiss him, we know you want it'' Louis says. all the boys are watching her and waiting 'till she kisses me. ''okay, I'll kiss him'' she finally says. She walks to me and whispers ''are you okay with this?'' I nod ''sure'' she kissed me and I feel warm, all the pain in my life dissapears and I feel so happy. Am I in love with her? how? I was suppost to find a boy for her. Not that I was that boy. She stops kissing me. I want to kiss her more but all the lads are watching so I stop. She smiles at me and I smile back. ''Well I guess you two liked that dare'' Harry says. I want to say Yes! but I don't do it. No one may know that I like her. Maybe I'll only tell Liam, maybe.

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