Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


5. The Text

Emma's POV

wow that kiss. I don't know why but it reminded me of Eithan. ''I hate you'' I whispered. I hate Eithan so much, he was the only one that ever loved me, it was just because of the kisses, but maybe he did love me. I don't know if I love him? but I know, that my heart is broken. My eyes are full of tears, I don't want to cry, not now, with all the boys. ''you hate me?'' Niall asks. ''no, I don't! why?'' 'because you said: I hate you.'' oops. ''no sorry, I don't hate you, I hate erm..'' A tear escapes my eye. I'm crying, in front of all the boys. I hate Eithan so much! the first boy who loved me ever! And he just kisses another girl! how? why? ''you hate who?'' Niall asks. ''Eithan. I hate Eithan. But he's not going to ruin my night, it's my turn, so Louis, truth or dare?'' ''what? oh erm truth'' ''oh you boring guy'' I giggle. ''truth, hmm let me think''. I really don't know what to ask, I barely know him. ''Eleanor'' Zayn whispers in my ear. ''so, what about Eleanor?'' I ask while I grin. Louis starts to blush and all the boys are laughing. ''aw, Louis is shyyy'' Niall says. ''hey, that's not funny and I'm not shy. Well, Eleanor, she is a very sweet girl, and she's beautiful. And we kissed once, but that was a lot more romantic then your kiss with Ems, Nialler.'' Louis says when he starts to laugh. He is so sassy, I think by myself and I start to laugh. 

*knock knock*

''oh someone is at the door I'll open up'' Liam says. ''haha no you don't have to it's just my ringtone, I've got a message from someone'' I say. I grab my phone. The message is from Eithan♥. Ugh well I can remove that heart. Why does he text me, I wasn't thinking about him for a minute and then he texts me. He makes me grumpy like da Grumpy Cat. ugh. I start to read the text.

hey babe,

you know, I told you that kiss with that other girl didn't meant anything. But it did, it was a very good kiss and you never kissed me that good. wow! you are a horrible person, you finally got a boyfriend. you finally got me. And then you break up with me. what's wrong with ya? btw I saw you talking to that ugly blonde guy. Go kiss him or something, maybe he can learn you how to kiss.

bye bitch, Eithan

I'm done reading and my mouth falls open. All this hate , I'm so sad, so so sad. I'm crying again. He is so mean. Niall takes my phone and starts to read. oh gosh, Eithan was also talking about Niall, damn. ''I'm so sorry for you.'' Niall says. I can't stop crying, why is he so mean? all the boys walk away to their room but Niall stays with me. ''go sit on the couch, I'll get you a cup of tea'' he says while he wals to the kitchen. I sit on the couch, and close my eyes. Tears keep streaming. I hear Niall coming in the room again and he gives me the tea. He sits down next to me and grabs my hand. ''your heart is broken, but I'll fix it'' I'm so happy I met Niall. I put my tea on the table and sit back. He lays his arm around me. ''I'll fix your heart'' I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. I feel his head resting on my head and we fall asleep together.


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