Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


1. The Break Up

Emma's POV

The beach, I need to go to the beach. ''Emma wait, c'mon wait for me. It was nothing'' Eithan shouts. I keep running. Faster and Faster. The beach, I already see the dunes. I get cold cuz the wind is so strong here, and I'm just wearing my T-shirt. I'm finally there, at the beach. I run through the sand and when I'm at the water I stop running. I sit down with legs in my arms and start to cry. why? why did he kissed that other girl? my boyfriend Eithan was my boyfriend for 2 months now, I don't think he ever loved me, he just likes to kiss. But he was the only boy that was nice to me, in my whole life. ''Emma! Hey Ems, you that was nothing, right? that girl is a slut, she just kissed me on my mouth!'' ''yeah sure'' I say. ''wow, that's weird, I saw you kissing her! don't lie to me. You know what? let's break up!'' I'm happy with myself. Eithan doesn't deserve me. ''what, a girl never broke up with me, how dare you. I'm the one that have to be mean, you bitch.'' ''aw, that's so sad'' I say with sarcasm. ''now leave me alone''. ''but, but'' he says. ''GO AWAY!'' and he walks away. ''okay, bye babe''. ''I'm not your babe anymoreee''. I hear him walking away, I look behind me to watch if he's gone. He's far away, he can't hear me crying anymore. A tear leaves my eye and falls down my cheek. ''uhm, are you okay?'' I hear somebody asking behind me. I guess that's Eithan. ''Go away, I said''. ''oh I'm sorry, okay I'll leave''. Wait that's not Eithan's voice? Who is talking to me? The Beach was empty I thought, I always go here when I'm sad. I look behind me. I see a blonde guy walking away with his head down. ''wait!'' the boy turns around and looks straight in my eyes. His eyes are so beautiful blue, it's like the sea. ''I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else'' I say. ''No, I'm Niall, I saw you having a fight with that boy. Is he your boyfriend''. ''Yes, erm. I mean no'' another tear falls down my cheek. ''Hey relax girl, it's okay'' he sits next to me and grabs my hand. 'wow, you're so cold'' he says. ''yeah i know, I'm freazing.'' Niall takes off his jacket and puts it around me. ''thanks, but your cold now.'' I want to put the jacket around Niall but he doesn't want it. ''you need it now, babe.'' ''so, tell me what happened'' He says. Tears stream down my face. ''oh oh, I'm sorry. It was dumb to ask that. we just now eachother for like 5 minutes.'' I know that I just know him for 5 minutes, but he looks nice and I want to tell him.


Niall's POV

I feel bad that I asked her what happened. ''He was my boyfriend'' she says. ''but I saw him kissing another girl. And now I broke up with him. But he never loved me, he just wanted the kisses, you know.'' I feel so bad for her, how could anyone hurt this girl? ''You, know. I will help you fix your heart. We go do fun things together to find a boyfriend for you, alright?'' I say. ''okay'' she says. ''but I have to go now. My mom is worried I guess.'' ''okay, but can I have your number please?'' I ask. ''yeah sure'' and she gives me my number and I give her mine. She walks away. ''Wait!'' I scream. ''I don't know your name!'' but she is to far away to hear me. and I go home too.

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