Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


12. NIALL!

Emma's POV

I walk to Niall's house to see his reaction on my text. I just wanted to see him. I knock on the door and Liam opens it. ''Hey Liam, I'm here for Niall. Is he here?''  ''Hey Ems, yeah he's upstairs but I think something is wrong, he didn't ate dinner..'' yay, he is sad. I hope because of the text. I hope he loves me too. I run upstairs and I walk to his room. I open the door, and then I see him. I see Niall, surrounded by blood. ''NIALL!'' I scream. ''NIALL'' he's got a knife in his hand and his poignet is full of blood. HE TRIED TO KILL HIMSELF. ''Emma..'' He says with a weak voice. ''LIAM. CALL 911!'' I hear footsteps on the stairs and Harry comes up. ''what's going on??'' He says and he grabs his phone and calls the ambulance. Then Louis comes upstairs too. He grabs the papers and starts to read them. Tears roll down my face. It's my fault, it's all my fault. I can't stop crying and I can't stop looking at Niall, he looks into my eyes too and I can't handle this. He reaches his hand and I run to him. He sits on the ground with his bag leaning on his bad. I sit down in his arms and he holds me. I close my eyes but the tears won't stop falling. His strong arms cover my whole body and there's blood everywhere but I don't care. I grab one of his shirts which lays on the ground and I bind them around his poignet to make it stop bleeding. ''I'm sorry Ems..'' Niall says and he's crying now too. I hear the ambulance racing into the street and 2 guys are running upstairs and take Niall downstairs. Niall is too weak to look around and he closes his eyes. ''Niall!'' I scream, running behind him into the ambulance. ''can I please go with you??'' I ask one man from the ambulance and he says I can stay. We drive to the hospital and we run through the halls with Niall on a bed. Then they bring him to a room and I want to walk in there too but a lady stops me. ''you can't go in their, honey'' she says. ''BUT HE IS DYING'' I scream all panicing. The lady grabs my hand and brings me to the waitingroom. She stays there with me 'till I see the other boys running in the hospital. They are all in tears too and I give them all a hug. ''How is he?'' Zayn asks. ''I don't know but he is in that room'' I say pointing on room number 8. ''He was weak and a lady told me he lost a lot of blood. But he has to survive. He has to! I know sure cause he's in room 8 and 8 is my lucky number and we are all here and I will survive and he has too. ''shh Emma it's okay, just relax.'' Harry says. I am going crazy HE HAS TO SURVIVE. Harry walks to me and sits in front of me, holding my hand. ''HARRY HE WILL SURVIVE, RIGHT? SAY IT HARRY! SAY IT!'' I don't know what's happening with me but I am going crazy and this is not good. ''He will survive Emma, he will'' ''you hear, it boys! he will survive! he will survive!'' I scream. ''Emma, you have to relax, it's gonna be okay.'' Harry says and he hugs me I try to push him away cause I don't want this I want to talk everything has to be okay. But he holds me and then I lose all my energy and start to cry. ''shhh, its alright Ems, shh'' Harry whispers while stroking my hair. ''it's gonna be okay'' 

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