Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


2. Meet Again

Niall's POV

*bleep bleep* I watch my black Iphone. I've got a text from someone. I don't know who. I watch my screen, It's a text from the girl I met today! 

'It's Emma' the text says.

'What's Emma?' I send back.

'My name, you asked for it. btw I've still got your jacket'

'let's meet in London at the Big Ben tomorrow'


Emma's POV

okay, so he wants to meet me again. Tomorrow. oh why not? I don't want to think about Eithan all the time.

'okay, great' I text him back.


*next day*

I walk to the Big Ben, I love London. I live here for 5 years now, with my mom and dad. But I really want to move out. I see Niall standing there. His blonde hair is messed up because of the wind, but that's kinda cute. ''Finally, my jacket I'm freezing'' he laughs. ''oh well, I have an idea for that'' I say pointing on a shop with hats. We walk into the shop. Niall buys a cute hat with a bear on it. And I buy a black with white hat which is a panda. ''So, you wanna hang out in London today?'' Niall asks. ''yeah sure, but I dunno where to go.'' 


Niall's POV

I grin, I'm sure I'll find a new boy for this girl. I take her hand and buy us some tickets for an hop on hop off bus. ''okay we gotta get out here first'' I say to her. She follows me out. ''Welcome at the fair!'' I say. I first buy us a cotton candy. ''okay, so you have to meet my 4 best friends'' I say. ''okay Ems, so this are Zayn,Harry,Louis and Liam. Boys, this is Emma. I try to find her a boyfriend. she just broke up with her boyfriend. ''aw'' Liam says. ''Okay who wants to go at the carousel'' Louis says. all the boys are laughing. ''why not?'' Emma says. ''that's fun haha.'' ''whatever the lady wants'' I say. so we go to the carousel. I'm at a horse and Emma is next to me on a horse too. 



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