Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


8. London Eye

Emma's POV

I finally saw the big ben and knew we were in London. We came out the car and walked to the shop to buy tickets for the hop on hop off bus. The boys all paid and I wanted to grab my wallet but Niall said: ''no, you don't have to pay. This is gonna be your day and we are going to find you a boyfriend.'' He wanted to find me a boyfriend but I liked Niall. I was falling in love with him and he was so nice. But he would never love me. He's just to cool for that. I'm surprised that he wants to be friends with me, I'm just a stupid weird girl with weird clothes and stuff. But I loved my clothes and I'm not going to change for anyone. ''let's go!'' Louis said and we walked into the bus. Now we are sitting on the top of the bus and it's beautiful here. I grab my sunglasses out of my bag and put it on because of the sun. ''wow that are beautiful sunglasses'' Niall says with a smile while he grabs his own sunglasses. It looks like mine and it's a ray ban. ''yours are nice too'' I say. Harry and Louis are sitting behind us and they are screaming like little kids. ''wow the big ben'' ''omg the London eyeeee'' they scream while they are laughing out loud. ''don't talk that hard, kids'' Liam says smirking. ''okay daddy, we will be quiet'' Harry says still laughing. Niall looks to the city while the wind is playing with his hair. He's cute. the bus stops and we leave the bus. ''so, time to go into the London Eye now!'' Zayn says excited. I'm so scared of heights. ''this is my first time in the London Eye.'' I tell Niall. ''you serious? you live in London why you never been in this thing?'' he asks. ''I don't know I'm just scared of heights. But I will go in this time.'' I say. My heart is beating so hard, I'm so scared. We wait, and wait, and wait 'till we can go in the cabin. Then it's finally time to go.''let's go!'' Louis says excited. I take a deep breath. ''let's go'' I say to myself. Niall looks at me and sees I'm nervous


Niall's POV

I look at Emma and see she's nervous. Aw poor Ems. ''hey Ems, you don't have to do it if you don't want''. I say worryingly. ''no no I want it but you have to help me cuz I'm so scared.'' I take her hand and we walk into the cabin. the cabine moves and Emma is shaking. I put my arm around her and hold her. In the cabin are just us 6 which is weird because it's always very busy. But I'm happy with that. ''aw Niall you are saving Emma? soooo cuteeee'' Louis laughs while giving Harry an high-five. ''Lou, don't be mean. This is her first time and she is scared of heights'' I say. ''she is?'' Louis asks shocked. ''oh sorry Ems'' he says and he sits in front of her. ''it's going to be alright, girl. Nothing can happen and you are with your best friends.'' he says with a big smile. ''Louis, she's got some other friends too, I guess'' I say smiling. ''I don't. Everybody on my school hates me. I have no friends. I'm happy you guys want to be my friends, I'm still shocked that someone wants to be my friend.'' she says smiling. I'm shocked. My eyes fill with tears, I hate it that she is alone on school. huh? she is still on school. But school starts tomorrow again! damn. Louis hugs Emma tight and I hug them too. then the other boys all hug us and we have a huge grouphug. ''thanks'' Emma says quietly. ''but Ems, school starts tomorrow'' I say sadly. ''you look older, I didn't expect you was still on school.'' I'm sad that I can't be with her when she is on school. ''this is my last year and I'm sad too that school begins tomorrow'' she says with a huge sigh. then she looks outside to the city. ''WOAH! WE ARE SO HIGH IN THE SKY'' she screams. ''but it isn't scary at all, right?'' Zayn says. ''n-no it isn't'' she says happy and suprised. We walk around in the cabin and before we know we are down. A woman voice says: ''stand on the footsteps. We are going to make a picure! 10,9,8...'' we go stand on the footsteps and I stand next to Emma. Louis is next to me and Harry is next to Emma. They are smiling and something weird is going on, I know those smiles. ''3...2...1...'' on the moment the picture is going to be taken Louis takes my head and turns it to Emma and Harry does takes Emma's head and they make us kiss. *click* the picture is made. Zayn and Liam are laughing very load and Harry and Louis are choking from laughing again. Emma looks at me and then we start to laugh too. A man opens the door of our cabin and sees us laughing. ''wow, so many laughing kids'' he says smiling. We walk out the cabin and watch our picture. The picture is very funny and Emma and I both buy the picture.

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