Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


7. Irresistible Eyes

Liam's POV

I walk upstairs to see if Niall and Emma are done eating. I knock on the door. ''come in'' Niall says. I open the door and see Niall and Emma on the bed, cuddling and holding eachother close. ''hey the boys and I want to go and visit London, I know we already saw every piece of it, but just going there with Emma seems fun, right? you guys wanna come with us? pleeasssee?'' I ask them looking to them with my puppy eyes. ''aw those puppy eyes are too cute'' Emma laughs. ''and I really wanna come with you guys!'' she says while she jumps out of Niall's arms and runs downstairs. ''you wanna come too, Niall?'' I ask him. ''yeah, just a minute, gotta get dressed, you know.'' he says grabbing his shirt cuz he's still shirtless. ''okay'' I say while I close the door. 


Niall's POV

When Liam closes the door I grab my notebook. It's maybe a bit girly but I write poems. I want to write one about Ems and Eithan, and me. Maybe one day when she's my girlfriend I can give it to her. I write the words: popular, big car and 27 tattoos on the notebook as I put the notebook underneath my pillow again. I hope the guys and Ems won't find it here. I put on the t-shirt and walk downstairs. ''finally'' Louis says and he grabs the keys. We walk to the car. ''uh oh, we've got a problem'' Liam says. ''the car is just for 5 people and we are with 6.'' I just want to say that she can sit on my lap but maybe the boys and Emma then know that I love her. I shouldn't take risks. ''no problem, she can sit on my lap.'' Harry says laughing. I get kinda jealous, and I don't even know why. ''hey Harry, she's Niall's girlfriend, he doesn't like that Haz'' Louis says when he is laughing out loud. ''I'm not his boyfriend, Lou'' Emma grins. We sit into the car and Liam is driving, Zayn is next to Liam. Emma, Louis, Harry and I are in the back. I don't know how but we sit all together in the back. I'm next to Emma. ''it's just 15 minutes 'till we are in the city.'' Liam says. Louis and Harry are talking with eachother and joking and laughing. I look at Emma and she is looking at me. We look straight in eachothers eyes. ''what?'' she whispers. ''nothing'' I grin. We keep looking at eachother for 2 minutes and maybe longer. I can't hear and see anything just Emma's beautiful eyes. Then she starts to laugh. ''Niall?'' Liam says. ''huh wut?'' I ask. All the boys are looking at me and laughing. Harry and Louis are laughing the loudest and it looks like they are choking. ''what's wrong?'' I ask a bit grumpy. ''I called your name for a hundred times!'' Liam says still laughing. ''but you were to concentrated looking in Emma's eyes.'' Louis says still choking. Oops this is so embarrassing, I was indeed concentrated looking into her eyes. I turn red cuz I'm blushing and the boys are just laughing harder. ''It's alright Nialler'' Emma says who is also laughing very hard. I look a bit angry but then she grabs my hand and I smile. 


Thankyou for the sweet comments but keep doing this cuz it makes me confident haha. Xx Stylesgurlhoran

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