Fix Your Heart

Emma's boyfriend cheated on her and now she broke up with him. Niall tries to help her fixing her broken heart and tries to find another boy for her. But then he starts to fall for her.


9. Best Hide&Seek Ever

Niall's POV

After a long day in London seeing a lot of things and making a lot of pictures we finally went home. We go in the car and I go sit in the car. Liam is driving again with Zayn sitting next to him. Harry, Louis and I are in the car already and there is no way Emma can sit with us in the back. ''I'll call a cab'' she says. ''no, no, you just can sit here, come sit on my lap.'' I grin. ''no, it's not that far. I can call a cab.'' there's no way I'll leave her alone in London, it's already dark. She takes her phone and starts to dial the number. I grab the phone out of her hands and give it to Louis, who sits the most far away from Emma. ''hey, give my phone back!'' she says. ''nah, come and get it!'' Louis says laughing. She wants to walk to his door but he locks it. She walks to my side again and tries to grab the phone. When she is far enough in the car Louis grabs her hands and pulls her in the car. I close the door and lock it. ''haha, we got you!'' Louis says laughing while he gives her phone back. ''I'm not laying very comfortable!'' she says while she tries not to laugh. ''well, you can sit on my lap'' Harry says smirking. ''or on mineee!'' Louis says also laughing. Emma looks into my eyes whispering ''help'' but everyone of course hears it. ''aw babe come here'' I say laughing while I spread my arms for her to come. She crawls over Lou and Harry to me and sits on my lap. ''You can always sit on my lap, best friend'' I say smiling. 


Emma's POV

HE SAYS I'M HIS BEST FRIEND! I'm so happy. I never had a best friend, I never had a friend. A real friend. I hug him. ''Thankyou, best friend'' I say smiling. 

when we arive at home we all sit at the couch. ''let's play hide and seek!'' wow I didn't play that for so long. ''yeah, let's do it! it's dark outside so I don't want to count I'm scared haha.''I say

Niall's POV

aw poor Emma. I know she isn't scared, though. She just doesn't want to count. ''okay, I'll count'' Harry says with his sleep voice. We run into the garden. And Louis and Zayn are climbing in a tree and Liam hides behing the house. There are little bushes in the garden and I run to one and sit down behind it. I see Emma searching a good place to hide but she can't find one. I hear Harry counting. ''10..9...8....7...'' Emma is still searching for a good place to hide. ''pssssttt!'' I whisper. She doesn't hear me. ''psstt. Ems!'' I say a bit harder. She looks at me at then runs as fast as she can to me. ''3...2...1..'' Just in time she sits down. "Thanks'' She whispers and I smile'' the bush isn't very big so we have to sit close to eachother. ''it's not very big here'' I say smiling. ''nope, it isn't. it's the smallest bush here why did you take this one?'' she asks laughing. ''cause I didn't expect that there was going to sit a beautiful girl next to me.'' I say. it's a bit risky, but now she may know that I like her. Liam knows that I love her, and I bet the Harry,Louis and Zayn know it too cuz they keep joking about it. ''I'm everything but beautiful.'' she whispers. ''right, you are not beautiful. You are perfect.'' I say smiling. ''there are no perfect people in the world'' she says. still whispering. ''ZAYN, LOUIS GOT YA!'' Harry screams. ''you ARE perfect, Ems.'' I whisper as I slowly lean forwards ready to kiss her. I look at her lips and she is smiling. she also leans towards me and then our lips touches eachother. This feels great. It feels like thousands of butterflies are stuck in my belly and pushing to the walls to get out. And it feels like thousands hearts are floating up in the air round Emma and me. Then I hear footsteps but I don't want to look because I don't want to stop this kiss, never. ''aw, look at the lovebirds.'' Louis says. 

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