My First Love

Ashly dated Harry for four years, but then he left to go to the X-Factor. He never came back. Louis found Ashly years later about to kill herself after everyone bullied her about her hard break up with Harry. Louis fell in love with Ashly, but Harry still loved her when the met up again. Will Ashly forgive Harry? Who is going to win Ashly's heart?


1. The Happy Couple

Ashly POV

Harry and I were outside having a pic-nic. It was our four year anniversary and Harry pulled out a necklace with my name on it. "Oh, Harry you didn't have to do that." I said.

"Oh yes i did." he said. i pushed him slightly and we laughed a bit. "It so you won't forget me." His tone changed after he said that. "I have some news Ashly." 

"what?" I said. I took a bite from the amazing sandwich he made. 

"Well, I will be auditioning for the X-Factor tomorrow."

"What?! That's great!'

"You think so?"

"Of corse! well its time to go back to class..."

Everyone knows how Harry and I have been dating since 8th grade. After that day I kissed Harry good bye and good luck. I did not know that would be the last kiss we would have. Then things got bad after he left that door. 







***** ok thanks for the comments and likes with My Soulmate. Hope you like this book!!******


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