Hidden in the scars

Amanda Summers is moving to Canada. What will happen when she meets Justin? Will they fall in love? Will friendships be broken? What will happen to Justin and Amanda ? Read on to find out!! <3


1. Ontario High School <3

I woke up with the sweet aroma of pancakes mixed with a dash of bacon on this bright sunny morning. Today was the day that I finally start school at Ontario High School. I'm nervous but excited.  I went down the hall to be greeted by the bathroom door and did my hygiene stuff and began to dress myself.I got dressed into my baggy Caprees,Toms  and my silk floral shirt. I flew down the steps almost running into my dad with a plate of food. After scarfing it down I was heading out the door. Pulling up to the school I felt my heart rate fly through the sky and my hands shake like a tambourine on taco Tuesdays. I walked in the halls and headed straight to the front office to get my schedule.  Mr Bacman was first. " Oh you must be Amanda nice to meet you" he finished with a smile. " Nice too meet you too....where do I sit?" I questioned. "Ahh right next to Justin....Raise your hand Justin." I glanced over to see the sexiest creature in my life.  Keep it cool Amanda...keep it cool. Sitting down I caught a masculine aroma. " Hey I'm Justin" he greeted with a bright white smile. " I-I'm Amanda" with that being said we shook hands. His hands were really soft....like a baby! " Okay class partner up with someone....and begin the worksheet. I looked over to a girl who I assumed was Selena because everyone was begging to partner with her. She was really gorgeous. I'm guessing that Justin and she were dating because they kissed when they partnered up. I guess my dreams are ruined. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a girl with Blonde hair just like mine. " wanna work with me?" She said " sure " Then we began to walk to her desk our project.

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