Ordeu is an 18 year old rerain-rider, rare legendary creatures with magical powers. When Ordeu is pulled out of his normal life into the new world with elves, vampires and goblins to fight for the freedom of the blade of power.


1. Armaina

Ordeu sat bolt up-right in bed, covered in a heavy sweat. He had had that dream again, the dream about that girl. It had only lasted a few seconds, a few sweet seconds of his life he will never regret. He could never see her face as it was dark, but always that beautiful hair and that dark looking blood, dripping from her thin fingers and down her pale arm. From all the dreams he had had about her, he could make out that she was a prisoner in a prison cell, chained to a wall with her wrist in heavy looking metal shackles above her head. But what got him the most about this vision was her eyes, staring straight at him, like she could see him. He could tell this girl was special, he didn't know why, she just was ; to him.


          The next morning, Ordeu walked down the stairs. He was the first one awake! Perfect! Excited as he was, he managed to grab the front door key, open the door and run for Tarantel wood, the only forest so thick with vegetation, no one could enter, except for him.

           "And what are you doing up so early?" a voice sounded as Ordeu was walking across town. He froze. "I thought your uncle banned you from doing that." Ordeu ran, the voice shouting and cursing behind him. The voice cursed his name very loudly. Ordeu had about ten minutes before word got to his uncle that he was out of the house.


           Aidee hobbled along on his walking stick.

           "No good kids and there terrible manners," he muttered to himself, his ankle was extremely painful today. Walking stick crunching in the scattered leaves, he limped over to Ordeu's uncle's house, Norka. He was going to get that evil boy in trouble whatever the cost, but he reminded himself to stay in character, a crippled, helpless old man. 


          Norka woke up to a knock on the door. He grunted. Who could want him at this hour in the morning? Bones clicking the whole way, Norka managed it downstairs to open the door.

          "I'm here to talk to you about your niece," Aidee stepped inside and sat down at the kitchen table.

Hello and come in then. Norka thought to himself.

          "What's the boy done this time?" asked Norka.

          "He's up! Now! Wondering the streets! He was incredibly rude to me and I demand an apology!" replied Aidee.

          "Lately he has been a little disturbed because of his loss. Surely you can understand."

          "Oh, I understand alright but where is the boy? He could be anywhere right now!"

          "Are you volunteering to find him?"

Aidee turned ghostly white and his voice went raspy.

          "He is not my responsibility," Aidee rasped before falling to the floor in an unconscious heap.


          Ordeu had found the secret path to the tallest tree for miles around and climbed to the top of it. He whistled as loudly as he possibly could, all he had to do was wait a few minutes...




Thwump. The air vibrated. Thwump, thwump. There was a small speck on the horizon. Ordeu whistled again. THWUMP, THWUMP, THWUMP. He could now see her clearly, his Rerain. A few years ago, Ordeu came across what looked to be a tiny lizard with wings, just at the bottom of the tree he was sat in. He cared for her and named her Armaina. Ordeu hadn't told anyone about her. He was glad he hadn't because he now knew what she was. If the others knew, they would try to kill her. Armaina was from a legendary group of animals, the Rerains. Only 12 of them were ever released into this world in this age. Each rerain picked a rider to name them and help them on their quests, whatever their fate may be. Armaina was the green dragon of life and death, the most important of them all.


          Armaina landed on a thick branch just next to Ordeu. The minute his hand contacted her scaled body, their minds joined.

          This is the first time in a long while that you have come to visit me. Why haven't you come to see me more often? Thought Armaina to him.

          I haven't had the time or the freedom to come and see you. You know my Uncle Norka won't let me out of his sight and the farm has been really busy what with the harvest coming and all. Ordeu replied. Armaina shook her wings.

          I want to go for a fly!

          I can't, my Uncle is probably looking for me now. I have to go back soon.

          Just stay for a few more minutes. And so they both sat there, staring into the sun while Armaina talked about what she had hunted today and what she saw while she was flying. It was heart breaking when he told her he had to leave.

          Why do you have to go?

          Because my uncle will be worried sick!

          A few more minutes?

          Armaina! He could feel what she was feeling, great sadness. Armaina unfolded her wings.

          Please come tomorrow.

          I'll try. A sense of satisfaction radiated from her mind as she took off. Ordeu watched her fly into the distance.


          Norka tried to lift up Aidee to put him in a chair. He was still unconscious. As he lifted him, an amulet fell out of his shirt. Norka went to touch it, when his finger touched the metal, everything went black.


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