Mask of the Highwaywoman - Short

Evelyn, the bored daughter of a rich aristocrat, is on her way home when her stagecoach is attacked by a gang of vicious outlaws. Terrified at first, she is soon fascinated by the captivating Highwaywoman


5. Chapter Five: The Mask of the Highwaywoman

Evelyn’s stomach quivered and it occurred to her that perhaps this girl felt the same inexorable pull that she did.

“I won’t tell...”

“Bess” she said quietly “call me Bess.”

“Bess.” Said Evelyn backing off from the girl and replacing the poker by the fire, she liked the name it was both hard and soft, both child-like and regal. She sat on the bed, wondering how much more she could find out about the mysterious Bess.

They stayed in silence for a moment or two. Bess turned to stare into the fire, the soft light played on her skin, and her eyes shone with the flames. Evelyn followed the line of her figure, her arms were strong beneath the light shirt, and her fingers were long and elegant, softly placed on the arms of the chair, her waistcoat barely held in a shapely figure, and her breeches hugged at her thighs.

“Well this is all very strange.” Said Bess, pulling Evelyn out of her trance.

“What is?”

“I don’t usually pay a visit to the people I have stopped on the road.” She smiled, glancing briefly at Evelyn, half lying on the bed, propped up on her elbow and wearing nothing but her cotton nightshirt, before fixing her eyes back on the fire, Evelyn watched her slowly bite her bottom lip.

“Why did you come here tonight?”

“There was something about you.” She said.

“What?” Bess pulled her gaze away from the flames for a moment and looked in to Evelyn’s soft blue eyes.

“I should go.” She said, standing up. She moved over to the table where her things lay, and replaced her coat and hat, while Evelyn sat up, feeling a desperate need to stop her.

“Wait a moment.” Said Evelyn, catching her as she reached for the window latch, Bess looked back.

“What is it?”

“Take this.” She held out the locket, Bess looked at it for a moment.

“I can’t take it. It’s yours.”

“Take it to remember me by.”

“I don’t need a locket to remember you.” Bess said, placing her hand firmly over Evelyn’s, holding on for just a moment, as they held each others gaze. Bess moved forward, just a fraction, before pulling back, but Evelyn reached out; she took the girl’s cheek in her hand and guided her head forward, until their lips met. Bess pulled Evelyn closer, grabbing her body with both hands; she could feel the soft flesh beneath the nightgown, the full length of their bodies pressed against each other, as they kissed, desperate and hungry. Bess ran her hands down the length of Evelyn’s back, but pulled away.

“I really should go.” She said, unlocking the window. She climbed through and was gone in an instant. Evelyn stepped forward, and looked out in time to see a mounted figure riding into the darkness.

Slightly breathless Evelyn closed the shutter. And turned back into the room, she looked once again at the locket in her hand, and then noticed, lying on the side table, just as she had left it; the mask of the highwaywoman.

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