There's always a way

Just a Movella really, about who I love (One Direction) this is my first time writing a fanfic and I really hope you like it, please become a fan, and thank you,
I love You <3


2. Screaming everywhere

Alice's P.O.V

i must have drifted off to sleep in the car because I woke up to screaming girls, on rampage. I seem to have heard a good few people shouting "HARRY!" Amber was listening too. She ran out of the car and joined the crazy girls. I followed just behind her. It's a good job I was tall. Most of these girls would not stop jumping. I looked back. I saw a black shiny limo. I seemed to be the only one looking back so I was the only one to spot it. I stared, longingly until I saw White Converses step out, followed by a neatly dressed Niall. I stared, gawping. He looked over and smiled in my direction. I smiled back,trying not to scream. I know Harry hates it when girls scream when he talks to them, so this was good practice for me. I mean, how hard can it actually be?

i gulped before making my way up to him. He saw me coming and stopped HE WAS WAITING FOR ME!!!!!

"Hi Niall, Oh My God you look AMAZAYN! My friend Amber over there loves you!"

"Hi! Thanks Babe. I must say your looking Beautiful, I LOVE your shoes! They're just like mine, but pink!" 

"I know! I got them just for you." I fluttered my Long Lashes at him. I blushed when he touched my waist.

"Right then babe. I must be off, nice meting you!" He stuck his hand out. He wanted to shake my hand, but when I reached out ready he pulled me into a hug and kissed my warm Cheek before walking away. He turned back and Winked, and I winked back.

as soon as he left I broke down screaming. I could just about manage not screaming in front of Hazza, but If I did,  I would never forgive myself.




Guys hi, this is my first time writing a Movella and I really need advice. If I get at least 1 like then I'll continue the story.

But if I don't then I'll give up. Ok, love you.!



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