There's always a way

Just a Movella really, about who I love (One Direction) this is my first time writing a fanfic and I really hope you like it, please become a fan, and thank you,
I love You <3


1. Our Dream. <3

Alices P.O.V
Hi, my names Alice. I'm 16 years old, I'm a huge Directioner. Today I am going into town with my best friend, Amber. that's something we have in common; we both Love One Direction, Her Niall and me Harry, and we love looking for their merchandise. But today was special. Tomorrow we would be at Oxford, in London, waiting for One Direction to come on stage. We weren't seeing the concert,all the tickets were sold out in 3 hours of being released. We were just going to hang around the entrance, hoping to see them 4 hours before they went on stage, and if we didn't see them, we'd go to Pizza Hut and do some late night shopping and get there 30 minutes before the concert finished and well, wait all night if we have to...

Amber's P.O.V
"Oh my god Alice, that dress is
To die for!"
"Haha, come on Ambz! No, no way, but it'll have to do. The rest of my dresses are at YOURS, if you haven't already  forgotten, you've had them there since I cleared out my wardrobe."
"oh well. That can't be helped just now. We need to get ready! 12 hours Ally, 12 HOURS!!!"
"Yes Ambz, best moment of our lives. Yes. Ok, now stop that screaming. CALM DOWN!!" 
I couldn't stop, because in 12 Hours the 5 boys I've been living for will be there. In that stadium. And we can't miss this. We've Waited years before our parents would let us. They're very protective. And now all our dreams will come true. I quickly checked my iPhone and went on Twitter. I read Louis's twitter. I screamed. "HEY DIRECTIONERS!! VAS HAPPENIN'? WE HAVE DECIDED TO COME OUT OF BACKSTAGE AT TONIGHT'S SHOW AND SHOW OUR FACES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS, OXFORD, WE LOVE YOU <3" I read aloud to Alice. Her Jaw dropped. I dropped my phone and jumped up and down, screaming. Ally stared at me for a minute, and then started screaming as well. We really REALLY had a chance to make this big, we really could make our dreams come true. I picked up my phone and called my dad.
"Hi dad. Yes I'm fine. Yeah, we're still going tonight. Oh, um we haven't figured out how to get there yet. Will you? Great. Thanks dad. Okay. Okay. Bye, love you!" I pressed the red button and smiled at Alice Wiggling my eyebrows.
"What's up Amber?" 
"Oh Alice... My dad is taking us!"
She looked taken aback. But we rushed around like crazy for the next hour, before getting on our way, ready for the biggest moment in our lives. It was Actually Happening. It wasn't a fantasy anymore, this was real.

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