The Secret in the Woods: Jay

Jay has spent her life always feeling like the odd one out. Well, she is, no denying that, what with her powers, but that doesn't make trying to live a normal life any easier. Especially because she is constantly jumping from one foster home to the other. One day, she experiences something amazing and terrifying that will change her life forever... and she's not alone.


8. The Unthinkable Part 1.

           We get into battle stance, each of us facing a different direction, and the dummies pull out their swords. Then, the fun begins. They start advancing and we start slashing. In a matter of minutes, we are looking down at piles of straw and fabric.

They quickly reassemble, but the unthinkable happens. Lily must really have been tired when she made the dummies because they turned into out anti-powers!

    We can’t do anything, but try to stay away from them because Amber can’t stop mine, and I can’t stop hers. Instead, we decide to do the obvious: run around the room trying not to destroy anything. We are kicking off the walls and I’m trying to use the wind to keep my minion away from me. I’m getting really tired and I feel like I can’t take another step. The world starts to spin and I am only aware of excruciating pain, and not being able to do anything about it. I feel like screaming, but can’t as my world fades to black.

    “Is she gonna be ok?” “I think so, but I’m not sure...” “Wait, SHH! I think she’s moving!” “Come on, Jay, wake up!” My eyes fly wide open and I hear thunder clap as I  jump to my feet. I look around the room and see Lily and Serena laying on the ground, and their shirts are sizzling with little holes in them. “Gosh, Jay, you  need to be more careful!” Serena scolds me. I glanced around the room and realized that Amber is still unconscious and lying on the floor, snoring loudly.

    “What happened?” I asked

“We heard a noise and ran downstairs to check on you two, but we found you lying unconsciously next to some fried dummies.” Lily replied, obviously feeling better.

“And you might want to clean your wounds,” Serena added.

    It took my brain a few minutes to realize how hurt I was. When I tried to stand up, I almost fell over due to the black spots that danced before my eyes. I figured that me and Amber finished the dummies off in a final stand.

“What about Amber?” I asked

“I’ll stay here and watch her. Lily, you should help her get bandaged up.” Serena suggested.

           We went to my room, and as soon as I opened up my door, I walked right through one of my little clouds that float around. The wind currents in it messed up my hair, leaving it a rat's nest that was stacked on top of my head. We walked into my bathroom and opened my medicine cabinet. I get injured a lot, so I was heavily stocked with bandages. Thankfully, I only had a gash that ran along my forehead, so it was easy to fix up.

          Once we were done, Lily and I went back into the living room to check on Amber. She was sitting up, and drinking some soda. However, she was soaking wet from the attack of the dummies. 


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