The Secret in the Woods: Jay

Jay has spent her life always feeling like the odd one out. Well, she is, no denying that, what with her powers, but that doesn't make trying to live a normal life any easier. Especially because she is constantly jumping from one foster home to the other. One day, she experiences something amazing and terrifying that will change her life forever... and she's not alone.


3. The Decision

       Eventually, we all agree on training and had been practicing at the clearing for around three months. We had become very skilled with our powers and weapons, never thinking that we would really need them. I could hit an ant with lightning, Serena could put a dewdrop on a bunny’s nose and Amber could light the tip of a falling leaf on fire then extinguish it before it blackened. Lily was getting better than ever at summoning and talking to animals. I found that out the hard way when she and the others filled my bed with snakes. I got them back by making a little rain cloud appear over everyone’s head (except Serena, she got a wind storm to mess up her hair) for a week.

    We also learn that we can use our powers together to make various things. Serena and I can make a hurricane. Amber and Lily accidentally made a volcano in the middle of the forest. It took around two whole weeks to make it go away. I was bummed because I had gotten attached to it and decided to call it Nelson.

    The four of us were on our way to the clearing. Amber sensed it first. She screamed, “FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!! FIRE IN THE CLEARING!!!!!” We raced to the clearing. “What should we do?!” Lily asked. “I’ll make it rain,” I suggested “And Serena, you use the water from the rain to help extinguish, while Amber holds the fire in one spot. Lily, you can reconstruct the trees.” We all started to work together, but froze in our tracks when we saw who, or what more-like, lit our precious clearing on fire.

    He looked human, but judging by his movements, he wasn’t even close. Picture someone trying to walk bending as few joints as possible and you are on your way to imagining what he walked like. His face was the worst; with dead white skin and bloodshot eyes and no pupil or iris. His mouth was stuck in a eerie grin. Lily shivered and looked away, being the purest of the group, while I cracked my knuckles and charged myself with hundreds of volts of electricity.

    I was so ready to fight, when I heard a squeal from behind me. “Omigosh!!! I was sent to find you but...” I immediately recognized that voice as Ellie’s and turned to gape at her. That was my BIG mistake. That thing or whatever it was kicked me in the gut with the force of a small car. I doubled over and then threw myself at him shrieking the most terrifying battle cry ever. The weather was going berserk, thunder roaring and lightning zapping the trees nearby. The whole sky started to swirl out of my sheer rage. My whole body was sparking and crackling with over 5,000 volts of raw power. I just had to poke it with a finger and it collapsed entirely. 

    We had just finished extinguishing the last of the flames when the robot-boy-thing reconstructed itself, and lunged at Ellie then took her under the ground quicker than we could say “Oops.” We were all dumbfounded. “We have to save her.” Were my first words after she went missing. 

    A white envelope with red ribbon wrapped around it emerged from the ground where she disappeared. We opened it, and there was a recording on the paper. “Hello, there, little freaks,” A pale man with dark features addressed us through the letter, “We have your little...friend... and if you wish to see her alive ever again, you must meet me in my laboratory in New York within three days or else.” The letter concluded with his address, then erupted into flames. The decision was unanimous. We were to fly to New York, rescue Ellie, and get her back safely. The next day we took off. Lily turned into a bird, Amber used hot air to lift her up, Serena used water vapor, and I used good old-fashioned wings. Could I just have controlled the air and flew without wings? Yes. But using wings is just SO much more comfortable.

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